The 6 Best Mac Webcams

Video calls have transformed the face of business communications in today’s times. When face-to-face meetings become impossible or inconvenient, thanks to the global pandemic, video conferencing is an incredible way to drive internal communications and connect with external parties, including clients, customers, and shareholders.

So, while your Apple iMac or MacBook already comes with an in-built camera, it is best to get an external webcam to accentuate the quality of video calls. Furthermore, if suddenly your Mac built in camera not working, you can worry about fixing it later and continue with your video call using the external webcam.

A dedicated webcam is much more than a backup when the in-built camera fails. It can help enhance the image resolution, and some of them even come with in-built microphones to offer clearer audio, and others pack powerful noise-canceling technology.

Also, built-in webcams cannot be moved because they are fixed. A separate webcam offers flexibility in allowing users to catch themselves and their surroundings at the best angle. So, without further ado, take a look at the top webcams for your Mac in 2022.

1. Logitech C922 Pro

Logitech C922 Pro streams and records videos at 30fps (frames per second), 1080p HD. For a faster frame rate, you can set the webcam to capture at 60fps, 72op.

The Logitech camera has a sophisticated glass lens and sports a wide 78-degree FOV (field of view). It is equipped with light correction and HD autofocus. So, you don’t have to worry about going out of focus in between an important video call.

The Logitech C922 Pro boasts powerful microphones on both sides of the camera and comes with a tripod. If you don’t have proper space on your monitor or laptop to place the webcam, you can use the tripod mount.

Furthermore, the webcam offers incredibly advanced features like the removal of background by third-party software. Whether you are streaming games with Twitch or attending Zoom video calls, the Logitech C922 Pro has covered your camera needs. Also, it works with almost all Mac models via USB.


2. Razor Kiyo

Razer is a well-known name in the arena of gaming peripherals, such as laptops, monitors, and keyboards. That’s why you might not associate the company with Macs and may not even know that they offer much more than high-end gaming peripherals. With the Razor Kiyo webcams, the company is predicted to make a name outside of gaming.

Kiyo features a 1080p/30fps camera, along with in-built light, and the Kiyo Pro has a 1080p/60fps camera with a high-dynamic-range color palette that makes streams and calls pop.

The onboard ring light is the most noteworthy difference between Kiyo and Kiyo Pro. Other differences include the 1080p HDR performance offered by Pro, along with a faster frame rate, and it comes with three FOV presets. Pro’s lens is much more durable, and the camera sensor surpasses Kiyo.

The base Kiyo webcam is recommended for casual users, but Kiyo Pro is the one for you if you need a potent webcam. The only drawback is there’s no in-built audio.

3. Logitech StreamCam

The Logitech StreamCam is specifically for MacBook Air users, and it is available in graphite black and white. The camera’s eye-catching design makes it a compelling option.

The video quality boasts a 1080p resolution at a smoother 60fps. Users can flip the webcam sideways, even when it is snapped above the screen. The StreamCam can also sit on a tripod.

4. Anker PowerConf C300

Anker’s PowerConf C300 showcases an incredible range of features as it comes with a 1080p full native camera resolution and captures 1080p/60fps videos. The C300 is powered by Artificial Intelligence and offers auto low-light corrections. It can flawlessly perform even in dimly lit surroundings.

AI autofocus makes sure that objects and people are clear and crisp on-screen. Users can also enjoy the AI color adjustment feature for delivering first-class color reproduction. For added security, the C300 comes with a physical camera lens cover, and there are four adjustment angles for flexible positioning.

Thanks to its expansive 115-degree FOV and impeccable audio quality, the PowerConf C300 can flawlessly capture any environment. It can even fit multiple people in one frame, and it is surprisingly cost-friendly.

5. eMeet c960

Are you on a tight budget? Check out the eMeet c960. The webcam offers impressive features and performance at an affordable price. It is well-suited for online teaching and studying, business meetings, home working, and Zoom calls.

The webcam is compatible with macOS 14 and above, and you will get a 90-degree FOV and 1080p/30fps video. The camera is a bit heavier and bigger, but it isn’t a cause of concern.

However, it doesn’t pack a ring light, and therefore, if you need a webcam to stream videos or games, it might not be the one for you. But if you generally use your Mac webcam in a light and bright environment, not having a ring light might not be a big deal when c960 comes with low-light correction technology to eliminate dim light issues. Moreover, it is packed with noise reduction microphones.

6. Meeting Owl Pro

If budget isn’t a constraint, the Meeting Owl Pro is worth checking out. The webcam is the most expensive on the list, but it has fantastic features to match its price point. The webcam captures 360-degree video, and therefore, it is ideal for large meetings. It even captures video in 1080p audio, along with 360-degree audio up to eighteen feet. The webcam automatically focuses on the person who is speaking and fosters active participation during video conferences. If you pair up with other Meeting Owl Pros, it can support even larger classrooms or meeting rooms.

While Apple mac has the best built-in webcam the resolution of that webcam is not that good. The built-in camera of a mac is good but not compared to USB-connected webcams. USB-connected webcams generally have larger image sensor that helps with the quality.

What is the best webcam for Mac OS?

The webcams that we have mentioned above can be found on amazon at good price and deals. Logitech has some of the best quality webcam that provides very good resolution.

Can I use my camera as a webcam Mac?

Yes. These are some webcam software that allows you to use your phone as a webcam for your Apple MacBook. The streaming quality of this option is very great as most of the software requires you to connect your phone to the laptop via a USB. Once you connect your apple Iphone or another device via a USB there are some settings that you have to do in order to give camera access to your Apple MacBook. Once everything is set up properly you can view your image from your phone to your laptop and your phone camera will take over your built-in webcam.

What is the best webcam for zoom meetings?

Logitech has the best webcam for zoom meetings. The streaming quality of Logitech webcams is very good and they provide the best price for their quality. The zoom quality of Logitech webcams is also the best in class for the price. Logitech also has the best mac webcam with light.

Are these the best mac compatible webcam?

Yes. We have tried to list some of the best webcams.

Can you use these mac webcams for streaming?

The webcams are of very good quality and they can be used for streaming. The image of these webcams are very good quality and the viewers can view you very clearly.

Wrapping up

If the Mac built-in webcam isn’t enough or gives problems you don’t like the resolution, you can choose any of the external webcams from the list. External webcams are flexible and can be positioned to capture the best angle. They come at a very good price. Use it as your dedicated webcam and never miss another video call or conference. Ensure to check device compatibility and your budget before making a decision. You can view some of the great deals for mac webcams at amazon.

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