14 Lifestyle Changes Most Men Adapted During Covid-19

A healthy lifestyle is the assurance of better mental and physical health. Before Covid-19, lifestyle was not particularly ideal for many people, but it was healthy in a way.

Diseases were there but not everyone was directly affected by that. But since covid-19 has spread all over the world, it has triggered lifestyle changes among all individuals. Men, women, elders, children, everyone was forced to be confined in their home space, they were asked to practice social distancing.

Many people even lost their jobs, and above all…everyone was scared because of the massive death toll. People who lived with their families may not have experienced that severe feeling of isolation but people who lived alone or had been the victim of coronavirus had to live isolated or quarantined for the sake of their recovery and to contain the ailment.

man in stress and dumbbell in hand

A pandemic such as a coronavirus could have long-lasting psychological effects on everyone. But here in this article, we will be looking at the lifestyle changes most men have adapted during Covid-19. So, have a detailed look down below:

Lazy Routine

With lockdown all over the world, many people were forced to stay in their houses. Those who were used to staying in the house most of the time and only had to go outside to run some errands had it easy, but men who were used to going to the workplace in the morning and coming back at midnight, it was really difficult and challenging.

They felt purposeless and lazy during that time. It has made a significant impact on their routine as they didn’t want to wake up on time and if they did wake up on time, they didn’t want to take shower or dress up because there is no office. So, eventually, men didn’t dress up or make an effort and the whole day just went like that.

Stress Eating

Since Covid-19 has messed up routine for everyone, it is no wonder that people are stress eating. Men aren’t usually bothered by watching TV all day but when they are trapped in the home all the time, have no work to do, feeling lazy, and TV is on all day, they are bound to hear the coronavirus aftermath.

Depressing news can make any man stress eating and that has happened to many men out there during this pandemic. The thing is everyone had to cope with the situation, and this was a significant lifestyle change many men experienced. While some men preferred to eat desserts, some had to adjust with homemade snacks and foods.

Higher Intake of Vegetables and Fruits

It is not a secret that coronavirus has shaken the whole world. First, the news said that people living in China may have eaten bats that’s why people are getting infected, but then it spread all over the world, and there were rumors that this deadly virus is mostly affecting older people, but eventually, we saw that it wasn’t true, and coronavirus spread however it liked.

And mostly males were dying so, in that duration, many people including males started taking vegetables and fruits in their diet to build up a better immune system. It was a healthy choice and many of them tried cooking their meals at home. There has been a significant low consumption of meat products and takeouts in the early days of coronavirus.

Digital Screen Time

Covid-19 hit harder in the last days of March when it spread all over the world. Well, if we remember correctly, it was the time when the first lockdown was imposed in most parts of the world. But the only good thing that came out of it and spiked was screen time.

People were spending more and more time on their laptops and smartphones. Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have given plenty of entertainment shows to people to watch who were overwhelmed with coronavirus.

It was natural that men were upset from everything that’s been going on, and they finally caught the break and utilized their time to watch TV shows and other things that were pending for quite a long time. After all, we all needed a little more drama in our lives during that chaotic time.

Smart/Online working

When the whole world was becoming the victim of coronavirus, a significant “work from home” trend was born. Digital technology was already there, and remote working was an occasional thing, but coronavirus forced many companies to set up work remotely, allowing people to utilize technology to its full extent.

People were connected via Zoom, Skype, and Facetime. Everyone was online from their home and so are the other people. To tell you the truth it was the new normal for many men to set up their working space in the house.

For men who weren’t used to remote working earlier finally had a chance to upgrade their online working and communication skills. Work was done on websites through the internet. It was also the time everybody learned to use the technology for the right reasons.

Work was resumed, and it was surprisingly effortless. Interesting things about this trend was half dressing, audio and video problems, there have been plenty of memes on that particular topic as well.

Guy doing online study with a computer in front of hiim

Online Study

Another lifestyle change that was adopted by a majority of people is online studying. Before covid-19 people thought an online degree doesn’t hold any value in comparison to a regular degree that you seek while going to a college or university but at that time every class was shifted online.

All educational institutions were closed due to lockdown, but studies were important, so they were resumed, and the online studying trend was opted by students all around the world.

Even men who were bored have registered themselves in different courses to kill time. Many men who were hell-bent on making good use of their time have even made their courses and offer to counsel for others.

Some companies have also made courses to keep their employees on their toes. People are now enrolling in programs that are related to digital marketing or the IT industry.


Since smoking and substance use are both dangerous for the lungs, many men ditched their traditional cigarettes and opted for vaping. Just like many other good and bad things, switching cigarettes to vaping is actually healthy for a lot of men.

It is hard to quit smoking especially under the circumstance of coronavirus. But what would a man do if he has heard the bad news? He will probably try to smoke again. Men who smoke one or two packs a day would need something to keep their mouth and hand busy, and something to fulfill their desire.

Luckily, vaping has helped men kill their time during these unprecedented times. It contains harmless content that doesn’t affect your lungs directly. Men who find vaping good should try wholesale Juul pods because it can help them stay healthy during the pandemic. Vaping is also a cool trend, however cigarette smoking, and substance use are both hardcore and pretty heavy.

Online Shopping

According to numerous reports, the biggest lifestyle change for men and women was online shopping. Before coronavirus, almost 50% of people who have their laptops and smartphones did online shopping. But this trend hyped up because people were maintaining social distance, and this was the ideal thing to do. Plus, retail therapy isn’t only for ladies, it can work well for men too. Even enough supply of toilet paper can give you peace of mind.

Communication Via Apps

Covid-19 brought a lot of lifestyle changes and one of the biggest changes is relying on technology. A century ago, when the Spanish flu spread, people didn’t have the internet nor apps but now everyone has access to them.

In these uncertain times of pandemic, people need to be there for other people and there should be communication. Having a conversation with the sick member of your family can pull them through from the worst and being there for somebody is human.

Thankfully, there are plenty of apps for communication. Now people are more open to sharing good information with their friends and family to keep them safe. Besides the communication apps, there are apps for games, music trading, and so on. Social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat also kept us hooked to new content on these platforms.


Everyone has their way of coping with stress and smoking cigarettes is a pretty common habit for men and women to deal with stress and anxiety. Most men see smoking as their way of relieving stress, so some men increased their smoking dose during this pandemic. It was a major health concern because Covid-19 also showed the same signs of chest tightness, trouble breathing, and running mucus as a sign of severe infection.

Substance Use

People who had been using other substances or alcohol have also increased their substance use because of overwhelming news. Everybody was scared and they wanted more out of their life, but substance use seems to be the only way to reduce stress and anxiety caused by the whole situation.

Sleeping Habits

It is true that our routines are all ruined. We have become too lazy; we binge-watch Netflix and we got nothing scheduled for tomorrow. But what we don’t understand is that we have also disturbed our sleeping schedules.

Since there is no office and only work from home for merely a few hours, we are skipping our precious sleep hours for a movie or social media browsing. Some of us are busy playing games. These are all excellent activities to keep you busy and entertained while the world is trying to balance normalcy, but lousy sleeping habits definitely impacted the health of many.

Hygiene Consciousness

Has anybody noticed how men are getting hygiene conscious during the pandemic? We believe we all were a little skeptical when it comes to washing hands every hour. But men never cared for such things before but now they are coming around with hygiene and cleaning their space. There has been a real change by washing hands, sanitizing things before use, and using masks while going outside. This is a positive change.

Home Workout

 There are plenty of lifestyle changes that men had to adapt during covid-19, but home workouts are notable. See that when the coronavirus wave hit the world, people were shocked, scared, and didn’t know what to do and this has taken a toll on their health.

How many women were familiar with home workouts, but men usually prefer working out in the gyms or fitness clubs. They weren’t familiar with this. But now they have adapted to circumstances and started working out at home. It is a good step towards a healthy lifestyle.


It would be unfair to say that this pandemic has also given people a window of opportunity to pursue their passion other than their job or routine work.

It has given people time to cook instead of getting a microwaved meal from the grocery store. Now they can choose what to cook, choose a recipe, chopping, grinding, and stirring the meal while cooking, and finally get to eat with their family.

It has given people another perspective of life that there is more to life than our daily jobs and home chores. There are houses where the whole family is busy. Children are homeschooled, while elders are back to gardening in their backyards. There is fresh food on the table. People have taken the time to redecorate their homes according to their comfort.

Now houses are maintained and valued more than just a place where you crash after a hectic workday at the office. People are once again reconnecting to their roots by appreciating the art and literature that has been there for ages and was lost during the hustle-bustle of technology.

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