Jennifer Winget : The National Crush Of India

Jennifer Winget show Bepannah has already won hearts of millions of Indian. The actresses has stuneed everyone with her performance and cute looks.

When asked during an interview She said:

“We grow up believing that love is like a fairytale that comes with all things good. What no one points out is, how hard it is to live up to love or the tests along the way, small or big. Compassion, loyalty and respect sum up love for me — it’s a mix that’s very rare to find and even harder to imbibe. Through my character Zoya, I portray love in its truest form, she knows no other way. I am sure that all those truly in love, will instantly resonate with her.”

Here are some of her pictures that show why she is the new national crush.



Simplicity at its best.









Sun kissed or kissing the sun!



She got SWAG



Hotness Level ‘Infinity’.






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