Is CBD Cream Effective In Treating Bone Fractures?

Since CBD’s big break into the mainstream, many claims about its healing properties have been made, some of them pretty outlandish and hard to believe. One of such stories is that CBD can help your bones heal faster and with fewer unpleasantries. So, today we’ll be diving into this claim and the science behind it so you can better understand how this can be possible.

We’ll discuss how effective CBD hemp cream is and how it interacts with your body. Also, we’ll touch upon its other uses, such as pain relief and swelling reduction, which pertains to both bone fractures and different types of common injuries.

What Is CBD Cream and How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, CBD cream is a cream or an ointment that contains cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid, and like all other cannabinoids, it works by interacting with a person’s endocannabinoid system. When introduced to this system, CBD sends a set of signals to the brain, and they act in a couple of ways.

That’s why among the effects of CBD, we have relaxation, pain relief, and finally improved bone healing. But before we get to the bones, you should know that this theory has only been proven in animal trials so far. However, anecdotally, and from user reviews, it seems to very much so be working on humans as well.

CBD cannabinoid

Can It Help Your Bones Heal Faster?

Your bones mainly consist of collagen, and when they break, your body reacts by making more collagen to create a callus around the fracture. That’s why it’s often said that a bone is harder after a break because that callus has a higher density than that area of bone normally would. It’s also why bones have to be properly set, and even then, you can sometimes feel where the fracture was just using your fingers.

So, where does CBD come into play? Some Israeli researchers have found that CBD boosts the density of the callus and the density of the collagenous matrix around the fracture. This means that bone fractures treated with cannabidiol will heal faster, and the bone will be stronger in the long run.

Does It Also Relieve Pain?

Bone fractures are tricky business, and they can cause issues even when the cast is removed. Whether the bone didn’t heal correctly or because a joint was fractured, it can cause pain for weeks and sometimes months after it’s healed enough to get the cast-off. After the initial healing stage, there shouldn’t be any pain, but in rare cases, when there is, you should first consult a physician and look into your options when it comes to pain relief that isn’t painkillers.

In cases like these, hemp cream can also help, this time by acting as pain relief. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which, combined with the other ingredients of most of these ointments, can do wonders for this type of injury. The most commonly used ingredients are white willow bark and menthol, which are both already proven to reduce pain in such situations.

Does It Work For Other Types of Injuries?

If it works for a bone fracture, a logical assumption is that it could help with all sorts of injuries caused by overexertion or blunt trauma. And the logic would stand up, as CBD hemp cream can very much reduce the pain in such situations. The combination of cannabidiol and white willow bark is a massive relief to the stressed area, and the menthol cools it off and helps the swelling go down.

All in all, it doesn’t even have to be an injury; CBD cream can help you handle muscle sores after especially hard exercises or after a long day at work. It’s pretty much a multitool that can be used for muscle sores, bruises, dislocations, and so on. It will act pretty much as any sports cream, only with the CBD effects added on top of that, for maximum security.

In Conclusion

After all that, we can conclude that CBD does indeed help your bones heal faster. This unexpected addition to the roster of cannabidiols positive effects is a welcome one, and hopefully, we’ll get even more research on this subject in the future. If you use just a little imagination, you can think of a situation where you treat something as serious as a bone fracture with a completely natural product, no painkillers involved.

Of course, this is in no way a replacement for therapy, and you should always consult a physician before taking any measures. But do inquire about CBD and bone healing with them as well, as they might encourage anything that heals your bones faster.

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