Is CBD Beard Oil Worth the Hype?

Ever since CBD and other cannabis products have been legalized throughout the United States, companies have taken advantage of the benefits of CBD oil and incorporated them into a variety of products, such as beard oil. This comes as no surprise since CBD beard oil can improve beard growth, blood circulation, and more. Here’s why CBD beard oil is worth the hype:

CBD Oil and Beard Growth

The biggest reason that CBD beard oil is a great option is that it assists with beard growth. Thanks to its antioxidant and omega-3 proteins, the oil helps patchy beards grow fuller and healthier, leading to a more lustrous beard. Even if your beard is already relatively full, CBD beard oil will help to keep it healthy.

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Other Benefits

On top of the growth benefits of CBD beard oil, the product offers a variety of other benefits as well. CBD is packed full of nutrient-rich vitamins, such as magnesium, calcium, and vitamin E, all of which have anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. These vitamins prevent the most common beard and skin problems like acne. Here are the most notable CBD benefits:

Promotes Healthy, Lustrous Hair

Some beards can look old and aged, especially if they are long and straggly. With the help of CBD beard oil, the lipid-packed product ads substantial luster, shine, and health to the hair. These fatty acids strengthen the strands, allowing the hair to look and feel thicker and healthier.


Beards can cause a lot of discomfort on your skin, both before and after you shave. CBD beard oil, in particular, can be used as an anti-inflammatory after shaving, helping to reduce dryness and itchiness and allowing your skin to feel healthy after you shave.

Nourishes Skin

CBD beard oil also helps to nourish your skin as a whole, thanks to the vitamins contained in it. While helping your hair become lustrous and full, the oil also helps improve blood circulation, leading to healthier and clearer skin. After using this product consistently, you can expect your skin to feel moisturized and healthy.

Best Practices

CBD oil is completely safe to use on your beard. It can promote beard growth, clear skin, and a number of other benefits. To get the most out of your CBD beard oil, there are a few best practices to incorporate into its usage:

  • Apply CBD beard oil when the hair is soft, such as after a hot shower
  • Dry hair before applying the oil for maximum absorption
  • Alter how much CBD oil you apply season to season. For example, the winter months will likely require a few extra drops
  • Only select CBD oil that is dependable and manufactured safely


As you’ve likely surmised, CBD beard oil is definitely worth the hype. It can allow your beard to grow thicker and shinier, all while improving the health of your skin. Remember, not all CBD oils are created equal. Only select trustworthy and reputable brands to maximize the benefits of CBD beard oil safely and efficiently.

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