Innovations Transforming The Vaping Landscape

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Innokin and Aquios Labs unveiled a new water-based vape, INNOBAR C1, at the UKVIA Forum on Nov. 18, 2022, according to PR Newswire. This vape is the first pre-filled pod system to leverage the water-based technology to deliver next-gen performance at affordable prices, with less waste and potential health risks. Innokin, vaping industry veterans, are known for brilliant innovations, including water-based vaping technology in collaboration with Aquios Labs.

Innokin reveals that water-based vaping technology uses a proprietary liquid formulation of about 30% water content and hardware for thin liquids. These features help deliver a smooth vapor, accurate flavors, and faster satisfaction while reducing potential harm. TCT Lab’s independent testing shows that water-based vaping tech reduces the emission of acetaldehyde by 91% and formaldehyde by 81% compared to conventional vapes. As vaping gains momentum, choosing the best vape kits has become more crucial than ever. And manufacturers are innovating new vaping technologies to deliver the best experiences for each vaper. Below are a few innovations transforming the vaping landscape.

Bluetooth-Controlled Vaping Devices

Like other Bluetooth-connected devices, Bluetooth vape devices allow you to connect your vape to your smartphone. Once connected, you can access and evaluate information about your vaping activity. For example, you can analyze the amount of nicotine you vape every day or even check your vaping hours.

If you’re trying to reduce your nicotine intake, a Bluetooth vape device can help you accomplish this goal by reducing your vaping time by a few minutes every day. Other benefits of Bluetooth-enabled vape devices include the ability to lock and locate your vape device if misplaced, so no one else can use it. You can also monitor the amount of e-juice in your device in real time. That way, you can refill in time to avoid a dry hit during your vaping session.

Nicotine Salts

In the past years, e-juices were not of high quality because manufacturers added freebase nicotine salts to achieve the nicotine hit cigarettes offer. Freebase nicotine was bitter, left a disgusting aftertaste, and destroyed the flavor of e-juices. In the quest to improve the overall vaping experience, manufacturers developed new-generation vape juices that feature nicotine in their natural salt form.

Nicotine salt vape liquids guarantee a faster nicotine hit, with most vapers saying they experience a fix 5 to 7 seconds after vaping. Besides delivering a quick nicotine fix, nicotine salt vape juice comes in a variety of flavors. You can choose dessert, candy, fruit, or classic flavors like menthol and tobacco. It’s worth noting that the use of nicotine salts paved the way for modern pod and disposable systems to provide higher nicotine absorption with the low vapor production.

Pod System

The pod system is undoubtedly the best innovation in the world of vaping. Pod mods have appealing features, such as the low-powered battery, built-in coil, e-liquid, and portability. Not to mention, you can charge pod systems with a universal USB cable. They are cheap, easy to use, and reduce leakage and air flow loss, thus maximizing comfort when vaping. The ease of use, convenience, and low maintenance nature of pod systems makes them ideal for beginners.

The vaping industry is growing at a fast pace and manufacturers are leveraging the best technologies to meet the changing needs of vapers. In recent years, we have witnessed several innovations like water-based vaping technology. Other innovations include advanced vape pod systems, Bluetooth-connected vape devices, nicotine salt vape juices, and fast-charging batteries.

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