Improve Your Mental Health with These 6 Outdoor Activities

The ongoing global pandemic has pushed many to stay indoors, leave the house only when necessary and postpone non-essential travel plans.

Although stay-at-home orders are necessary to flatten the curve, the government lockdowns have unfortunately deprived people of experiencing the outdoors.

The good news is that some cities in the world are gradually easing the restrictions. This encourages people to leave the comfort of their homes.

If you live in one of these cities, you’ll want to get out of your house and experience nature.

Spending time outdoors has numerous benefits, including reduced stress and relief from anxiety.

Here are six ideas to motivate you to step out of your house and have a blast outdoors:

Photo by Brett Sayles
  1. Fishing

This activity offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and catch your next meal.

Whether you’re booking a fishing charter boat or simply setting up a fishing spot by the river, you’ll surely enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved Self-Esteem – As your skills improve, you’ll be able to confidently pick the best fishing spots and tackle reeling problems confidently.
  • Tranquil Reflection – Fishing is an activity that helps quiet your mind and gives you peace. A day of seclusion and quiet on the water is an excellent opportunity to temporarily clear your mind of the negative news happening in your area and reflect on your surroundings.
  • Better Focus – As you let go of your worries while outdoors, you decompress and fully appreciate just how beautiful Mother Nature is.
  1. Road Trips

Even if you can’t travel freely to your preferred overseas destination, you and your household can go on a local family day tour

Traveling, even if it’s a journey within the country or city, is an excellent stress buster. It allows you to stay clear of distractions and daily demands that can leave you stressed and anxious.

A road trip also increases your level of happiness.

The experience of visiting a new place can make you feel satisfied, especially when you’ve been cooped up in a single place for a long time.

  1. Outdoor Photography

Rather than take selfies at home, go outside and snap beautiful photos of trees, flowers, wild animals, and white clouds.

Outdoor photography relieves the stress of your busy life by letting you take in the wonders of nature.

Nature photography also improves mindfulness. It encourages you to be more attentive to your thoughts, as well as your surroundings.

Think of this activity as a chance to press the reset button in your head, take a deep breath, and focus on the green spaces around you.

  1. Walking

A stroll through the forest, park, or beach is a simple activity that changes your mood from blue (or blah) to better.

Walking gets the blood flowing in your body and helps you de-stress during these times of uncertainty.

The beauty of walking is that it’s free and easy to do.

If you haven’t done any strolling for a while, you may want to walk slowly, then gradually increase your speed afterward.

Also, take note of tips to help you better enjoy this activity:

  • Wear thick and comfortable cotton socks. Opt for shoes that are lightweight and comfortable.
  • Schedule your stroll during fair weather. If you’re planning to take a walk during summer, put on sunblock to avoid sunburn.
  • Do a few warm-up exercises to get the blood pumping in your legs and feet.
  • Stay hydrated, especially if the weather is hot. Take breaks and drink water when you’re feeling thirsty.
  • Make sure to cool down after a long stroll.
  1. Mountain Climbing

The activity may sound a bit extreme at first glance, but you could always begin with the easy routes.

If you have no experience of climbing a mountain, you could team up with an experienced climber or join the local club.

Note that mountain climbing is a group activity.

Teamwork, therefore, is essential to climb up and down a mountain successfully.

Depending on someone and keeping your eyes on the prize will help you become well-balanced and mentally strong.

  1. Cycling

Put that bike to use and see the great outdoors.

Go cycling with your friends or family on a weekend afternoon.

Breathing in the fresh air and feeling the wind in your face will help you unwind and de-stress after a long week of work.

On top of improving your mental health, cycling can save you money on gas.

Try one or more of these six outdoor activities to improve your psychological and emotional well-being. As you’re enjoying the outdoors, don’t forget to follow the health protocols established in your area.

Even if the restrictions have eased, make sure to practice social distancing, and avoid crowded outdoor spots as much as possible.

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