Important Things You Need To Consider When Selecting A Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is a handy accessory to have, especially if you enjoy listening to music on the go. Selecting the right one can sometimes be stressful since there are plenty of options on the market at various prices. You can find speakers in all shapes and sizes, and the best way to choose the right one is to know a few important specifications. Sound is subjective, so it’s impossible to know how good a speaker is by simply reading the specs. Learn more about this so you can choose one that fits your preferences.

Look below for a few important things to consider when purchasing a portable speaker.

Audio quality

Portable speakers, better known as Bluetooth speakers, are perfect for bringing your music everywhere you go. The most basic models offer an output power of 3W, while mid-range models go up to 5W, and high-end models can go up to 10W and beyond. The speakers can vary, meaning they can have a single speaker or two speakers with a stereo sound reproduction. Note that you’ll want to purchase ones that offer stereo sound and at least some measurable bass.

There are also ones with a 360° sound, meaning you’ll receive the same sound quality wherever you are. If you prefer quality sound, it would be best to purchase from an established brand. For example, Bang and Olufsen speakers are the perfect examples of a timeless brand with a beautiful design and state-of-the-art technology. Look for a product with an exclusive design and a perfect sound tailored to you.

Battery life

A key parameter to consider when buying a speaker is battery life. It would be quite the hassle to have to recharge it every hour. Note that small speakers have smaller batteries, which don’t last long, but the larger ones can expect to last for 24 hours. Also, the louder you play the speaker, the more current it will use, so the battery won’t last as long before it needs to be recharged.

When buying a Bluetooth speaker, make sure the battery life is long enough for what you need it. The advantage of a portable speaker is you can carry them around, but you also have to think about the battery. It’s an important factor when buying a speaker. You can consider a lithium-ion battery in a portable speaker, the same as your smartphone, so it will provide higher power with longer battery life.


Many portable speakers strive for ultimate simplicity, which means you just want to connect them and play some music. If your phone is NFC-enabled, you might want to consider speakers with NFC technology. That way, you can connect your phone to the speakers effortlessly. For iPhone users, this could be a downside, since NFC is used for Apple Pay only, so this capability is only useful with Android phones.

Some portable speakers come with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows for a multi-room setup. Wi-Fi connectivity allows some portable speakers to double up as smart speakers, with a built-in voice assistant, so you can use them to control your other smart home devices. If you want to use the speaker with a smartphone or a record player, you’ll need one that comes with an AUX input. Note that a speaker with a wired connection as well as wireless connectivity would be a great advantage.

Durability and waterproof properties

Bluetooth speakers are convenient as you can carry them around wherever you go. They can be used outdoors to soundtrack your tailgate parties, picnics, and hikes. However, not all portable speakers are made equal, so you should ensure that product is suitable to use in the great outdoors. Consider the design, whether it is built robust or durable. You can look for ones with rubberized end caps that prevent damage from drops, and fabrics that can withstand a little rough handling.

Look for the speaker’s IP (International Protection) rating, which will indicate the speaker’s protection against particulates like dust, and how well it can withstand liquids. Checking whether the speaker is waterproof is another important thing to watch out for. An IPX4 water-resistance rating will protect your speaker from a few drops of water, while an IP67 rating or higher signifies that the speaker can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep, for about half an hour.

Final thoughts

There’s a huge variety of portable speakers on the market, and some are cheap while others are quite costly. Depending on your preference, you’ll want to consider every option to find a quality speaker. Consider the abovementioned things when searching for a portable speaker and you’ll end up finding the best one for you.

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