Importance of Frequent Communication In a Relationship

Never Underestimate the Importance of Frequent Communication In a Relationship.

When discussing the word “communicate” itself, men and women tend to have different starting points as to what that verb entails – and that can lead to a lot of relationship problems.

This may be a generalization and shouldn’t be taken literally but women tend to be analytical about their emotional issues which they diligently archive in their network of previous experiences for later use.

Men, on the other hand, are very “ at the moment”, one-dimensional so-to-speak, and often cannot fully discern what is the root cause of their emotional distraught, which is why they retract to the “don’t care, don’t know” state of mind.

We are all a handful. Still, regardless of how difficult we can be, we crave companionship.

That is why couples need to reconcile their differences and learn each other’s terminology in order to provide proper support for their partner’s needs and thus build a healthy relationship.

Importance of Frequent Communication

People change and so should your communication

The scourge of all relationships is having high expectations of your partner.

Trust is one thing but wishing he or she could read your mind whenever you are down or misunderstood is asking the impossible! So it is paramount to stay up to date with your partner’s way of reasoning by frequently COM-MU-NI-CA-TING.

Even though we are fundamentally the same person from the day we were born, our attitudes, outlooks on life, and even choices of words change with each experience.

For instance, if your partner suddenly wants to introduce vibrators and pleasure gadgets in your sexual routine, which he or she has never done before, don’t be shocked by this requested dynamic.

We all have trains of thoughts coming to us each day so give your partner enough space to express the novelties in their life, whether they are emotional, physical or both.

Be prepared to adapt your communication because nobody really stays the same in a relationship.

The importance of conflict in relationships

As much as some people hate them or avoid them or both, conflicts are essential to developing relationships.

They set boundaries, address bottled up emotions, and are a sign that we crave understanding and affirmation for our behavior. However, there is a catch!

Being a person who always submits and doesn’t show his or her teeth is nothing short of a pushover, which is bad.

On the other hand, being a person who insists on getting his or her way, regardless of other people’s thoughts and feelings also won’t bring you closer to a successful relationship.

In order to make the coin land on its edge, you need to be able to postpone your emotions, isolate the problem, and address it separately from your relationship.

Think of conflicts as a dissection and analysis of your current issues, rather than an outburst of emotions where you just scream and judge each other to no end.

The importance of sex in relationships

Sex is a terrific indicator as to where you currently stand as a couple.

If it is bad, that means you have some unfinished emotional business. If it is good, have fun and find ways to improve it.

Just like verbal communication, sex is a great way to communicate with your partner and deepen your intimacy.

The sense of touch allows us to pick up information, which words can cover and lie about.

We all have sexual fantasies but communication can make them into reality if you know how to approach your partner and explain the urges that push you to act.

We are all tactile and social creatures so never underestimate the power of sex to keep your relationship alive and kicking.

What TO DO?

Two things are most important in every relationship: asking questions and listening! Don’t just wait for your turn to respond. Instead, focus on your partner’s thoughts and try to understand what it must be like for them.

Without empathy, there is no genuine support so think of communicating as an exercise to walk in someone else’s shoes.

If you and your partner succeed in forming a mutual terminology and understand from where do your emotions come from, then there is nothing that can stop you.

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