I Found Out That Work Hard Is Key To Self-Improvement

Life is certainly in easy mode when you can do minimal work to get the job done at the eleventh hour, is it not? No matter how much you convince yourself to do better and work hard next time, there is always Pandora’s box waiting to be opened. All the planning, all the collected resources get hindered by one thing or another.

Oh, such is our destiny!

But take heart, we humans possess powers strong enough to change our destiny with necessary steps and will.

Just thinking about it would not make it come true. Grab your material and start. A short break to relax is always more than welcome, but only and only, if you are done with at least one part of your work. Try making your work fun. If it’s studying, imagine yourself in a situation like KBC or life or death pillar where you need to answer the question to save your life or money.

A man in the track working hard - how to work hard

Patience is a virtue but everyone has their limits. Do not overwork your brain, grab a glass of water, or close your eyes or maybe wash your face. Whatever you normally do to relax, except time passes. Do not compare your result with others unless it motivates you. It’s scientifically proven that everyone’s brain works differently and no two brains are the same, just like our fingerprints.

Do not quit. You will lose whatever you will lose, but you can gain it again. But if you throw away your time carelessly, you will have to pay for it.

Control your brain, do not let it control you! Have you ever tried passing your time on something you can do later or is not very important rather than doing the important tasks at hand and your brain keeps making you think of it over and over again? But if you do try to do the necessary work, it keeps wandering and wondering about the things you were doing before or could have done later?

Focus! It’s not easy but not that hard either.

Your journey has just started so even if your hard work may go unnoticed or unpraised, but don’t let it get to you! Praise yourself and work even harder. Your hard work will be rewarded. Maybe not by others, but at least by yourself.

Your motivation may be a good score, money, a stable job, or maybe just to survive while supporting your family. It can even be something as small as lazing around your house after you are done or binge-watch your favorite show as a reward for wanting to gain enough money to step into your childhood dreamland or the person you admire the most.

There is always one and only one winner, which might not be you. Dreams betray many, but take heart, for hard work betrays none. Your progress will bear fruits someday if you continue to chase it.

Every new day is not. A new beginning but new progress, a new change.

You do not have time to sit around envying other people’s achievements, cursing your luck or lack of opportunity or time because they must have worked harder than you or even started working hard long before you. You have to do something to change your own world. And yes, it does not include just thinking about it or going about it the wrong way. Human beings are strong because we can change ourselves.

Do not skip your work thinking you can do it later or maybe some fairies will do it for you while you are asleep. Mark your calendar with a tick and cross it if you are unable to work hard on that day. Life is not a game of luck. If you want to win, work hard. No amount of talent trumps hard work. But overwork trumps over health a lot. Take proper care of yourself. After all, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Nevertheless, try some of the following tips that will help you work hard.

  • Look for an idol, whom you really follow in your life.
  • Set a target and keep focused.
  • Set smaller goals to achieve your target.
  • Strive to meet your goal.
  • Manage time. Eliminate time-wasters from your life.
  • Celebrate every little success and at the same time set your next goal.
  • Pamper yourself when you feel tired or frustrated.
  • Revisit your target every day.
  • Talk to yourself and have confidence in yourself.
  • Watch good videos and continuously motivate yourself.
  • Reduce sleep hours and work according to your mental health.
  • Publish or display or share your achievements with friends and enjoy your success.
  • Yes, look after your health.

Comparisons have been ingrained in our value systems right from childhood. As a kid when you fought with your sibling, you may have heard “The neighbor’s kid is so well-behaved” or when you got bad grades, your mother may have said, “The other kids have done so well”. You may remember so many instances when you were compared to the so-called “Nice kids, who do not give their mom and dad any trouble. When other people compared us with someone, we started thinking that comparisons are natural. However, they are not, because everybody has different skills and capabilities. Every person is unique in his or her own way. You may not be a good driver but you may be a wonderful cook or an amazing painter.

If you want something, you need to work harder than before and sometimes smarter too.

They required that amount of work to score that much but maybe you need more. For that, you need to encounter the shortcomings in your plan and need to improve. Complaining won’t help. This time they score more than you. It can be a matter of luck or work. Whatever, but this points to a single thing – YOU NEED TO IMPROVE.

All you need to do is compare yourself with yourself. Determine the gap. Work towards it.

We can’t ignore our emotions. Because of the way our brains are structured, when thoughts and feelings compete, feelings almost always win. These are the toughest to find motivation for. It is perfectly normal to have a less-than-productive day from time to time, so don’t stress yourself about it. In some cases, the problem isn’t mental, but it’s physical. Even if you have the willpower to work hard but don’t have the physical energy to complete the task, getting yourself to finish it can be difficult. The solution will most likely not come in a form as simple as forcing yourself somehow to be the problem and respectfully attending to them.

Understanding intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation is a form of external motivation which defines the way. It could be any person providing the thoughts and giving information regarding anything, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be some kind of outside obligation, demand, or reward that requires you to complete a task or achieve a goal in a unique manner.

Intrinsic motivation is internal. With it, you are pushing towards a goal or the completion of a task for your own personal satisfaction and accomplishment and you don’t care about anyone. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation have benefits. While some studies have indicated that excessive external rewards can reduce intrinsic motivation, external rewards have been shown to increase interest in something in which the individual has no interest. Extrinsic motivation can be used to motivate people to learn new skills that, once learned, people may be intrinsically motivated to continue pursuing on their own.


Working for your business and doing business are two separate things. Working for your business will make things feel good while doing business is a completely opposite thing. Working for your business is like a job.

You need to get things working by doing different things. You need to find and get someone to do your job if want to make a profit. Find someone who can help you expand and who understands their job. Get them to find opportunities for your business. Make no exceptions. One should know how to get through everything.

In the end, if you want to feel more productive. Then start your day with the most effective work and also, with a positive challenge. Importantly, you will feel more motivated throughout the day.

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