How To Wake Up Earlier Without Feeling Tired

Waking early is one of my favorite things in the world. The morning is quiet as the world hasn’t begun stirring, it is the perfect time for meditation, writing, exercise, and some quiet reading, and also when you heard birds singing in a melodious tone near the trees, it feels so good.

Waking early can give you an hour or three of extra time for focus and creativity. While you could do those things later in the day, most people do not. Train your brain by living your life easily. If any problem occurs don’t start thinking about it, as soon as you encounter it, just deviate your thinking somewhere else where you can feel happiness. In that time your brain will prepare itself to face the problem. After having happiness for deviation, tell yourself that you are brave and courageous enough to solve the problem and face the consequences.

You cannot just wake up earlier and not sleep earlier. You will eventually crash.

Here, are some tips for getting to sleep earlier to wake up earlier

1. Set up an alarm clock

Besides waking you up and telling you that it’s time to get up, make it act as a conditioned stimulus. For example, making your brain associate the alarm sound with the sweet taste of breakfast might help you to get up. You can also associate the sound of the alarm clock with standing up straight away, it might be hard at the beginning but it will become more (easy) over time.

3. Don’t snooze

It is not a good habit if you keep snoozing your alarm again and again. Remember that you have to finish important tasks and start your day with a positive vibe. Your mind will work accordingly.

Sun rise

3. Make it become a habit

Everything becomes easier when routinized. If you woke up early in the morning and work on your life goals to achieve something, which is considered a good lifestyle.

4. Stay Motivated

Plan your day the previous night and make a ‘to-do list’ consisting of your daily goals or a set of activities to be done the next day. This might seem trivial but it surely acts as a reminder and a driving force. It becomes much easier to get out of bed when you have strong motivation.

5. Stay away from screens

While it would be ideal if you could stay away from screens an hour before sleeping, however, that might not be possible for many. Artificial light from your smartphones or tablets affects the quality of your sleep. Read a novel or plan the next day before sleeping.

6. Skip your afternoon nap

Sleeping in the afternoon drains out your tiredness and ultimately, you won’t feel dizzy to jump back to your bed soon at night. The more you sleep late at night, the more it will be difficult for you to get up early in the morning.

7. Have a very strong “WHY”

Everyone has their own goals and ambitions. Have a very strong WHYAsk yourself why you need to get up early in the morning? What benefit you will get if you leave your bed before the sun rises? Will staying up till late at night will ever help you achieve your goals? Sit down and think.

8. Have enough sleep

For a week, go to bed at a regular time and don’t set any alarm clock. Record the approximative time you fall asleep and the time you get out of bed without any trouble. Check out how many hours you need per night. Then adapt the time you go to bed depending on your need and when you want to get up.

Benefits Of Getting Up Early In The Morning

  • Our body remains healthy by waking up early in the morning.
  • we get time to perform some other pending work.
  • we become more productive and creative by using this extra time into a book reading.
  • You have to answer this: what’s most distracting you? Is it more important than your academic goals?
  • You know what to do next. Don’t exclusively stop yourself but LIMIT yourself in investing your time to such distractions.

The universe is a complex system, in it lies our planet earth, which to has its ecosystem. In this ecosystem falls our human bodies, and as a part of the system, the body needs to follow the system’s (nature) rules. The system dictates the human life cycle from birth to death. Analogically a machine cycle goes from manufacturing to dismantling. Both need maintenance and good raw material for a better life. Do you think a machine would last long if you overload it, turn it off and on erratically? Same way, you believe that you will last longer with overeating, waking up, and sleeping irregularly? The answer is no. So, align yourself with the rules of nature, to keep your body healthy.

Waking up earlier is a habit

Nothing is bad going to happen and with the full spirit tackle the problem. Once you achieve mental peace, your brain will fall in love with the peaceful night, but for that, you should first start to feel and love that peace. Force yourself to get up at a fixed time, no matter what your mind and body have to say. You just need to remember one thing that after getting up, if you can keep yourself awake for 10 minutes, you won’t feel the urge to sleep back again and that 10 minutes will determine your strength and will change your life forever. It allows you to focus on your tasks and goals in life. Waking up earlier is not a habit it is a way of life. When you woke up early your mind feels fresh and that time you have more ability to focus and concentrate on work. Also, how you will manage your whole day.

To conclude, It is all about treating and entreating yourself as you were always meant true be-meaning it is not just your body, it is your embodiment with its core values and priceless virtues. Well, if you want to consider, it is pampering yourself with a greater degree of attentiveness, as well as prioritizing and fulfilling your commitments, so that each day that you wake up is like you are yearning to wake up and rejoicingly welcoming each new day with renewed enthusiasm. It is about getting true know yourself better, loving yourself all the more, caring for yourself as never before.

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