How To view Instagram Stories Without Others Knowing

Many of you may not even realize that you can skip creating a fake Instagram profile in order to watch a story anonymously. The fact that all the viewers of an IG story appear in the list; each Instagrammer can view who opened their story within 24 hours.

Previously, the viewers of the Highlights section were visible, but now these saved stories can be inspected completely anonymously.

Anyone who wants to view any user’s story and doesn’t appear in the list of Viewed should apply a special service that allows exploring content without appearing in this list. Such a tool is called an Insta story viewer, there are many of them if you google. So, how to view Instagram stories without others knowing

This is very convenient because you won’t need to create an account for anonymous login, that is, complete nameless access is provided.

You can use such a private Instagram viewer tool both from your phone and from your computer.

Is it true that the user will never know that you have watched their story? The fact is that when you apply for such a service, you do not sign in to your Instagram account,

but simply enter the username of a profile which story you are interested in. After that, you will see in the browser all the content that a user has uploaded to Instagram stories in the last 24 hours.

This means that you can view the stories of those users who have blocked you on Instagram, or when you just don’t want a person to know that you are interested in his life. Keep in mind that viewers will not be able to show a user’s story if an account is private. In this case, no service will be able to open or download this content.

view Instagram Stories

Save and watch IG stories anonymous – what are the possibilities?

With the help of such services, you will get access to content that you can not only view but also download like a ghost. One nickname will be required. Therefore, the main opportunity to use such services is not only viewing content but also downloading it in original quality, the way it was originally uploaded into the social network.

Moreover, in addition to downloading just one story or a few stories, similar services for Instagram can allow you to collect an archive of the stories of a certain user. What does this mean? If you are also interested in the stories of any user or several users, it’s necessary to follow the updates in the application, because after 24 hours this content will disappear from the account with no return. However, if you try a third-party story viewer with a story tracking function, all the media files will be automatically uploaded to the server for further viewing, even after 24 hours have passed.

After that you can open your personal account and monitor all this content; it’ll be available for viewing and downloading. And this is convenient because you will not need to spend a lot of time in the application in order to always be aware of the updates of some accounts. You can also download tonnes of content in the form of an archive.

This method of viewing stories and downloading them is also completely anonymous. Because when registering with such services, the newcomers don’t reveal information about their profile on Instagram. You may not even have a personal page on this social network, but still, track all the content that users share. It can be handy if you are a content manager. For example, you may not have a personal Instagram account, but download the stories of some photographers, celebrities, influencers and reuse this content on a business account that you run.

All in all

Finally, thanks to a free or affordable service, you will be able to check for updates on Instagram accounts, even if you decide to delete your profile, if you don’t have a profile or if a certain user decided to restrict access to content. For example, if you have a child and don’t want to register on Instagram, you can still follow the updates in their profile. At the same time, you should understand that only a private Instagram account guarantees that only approved users will be able to view the content that you share on the social network.

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