How To Use Non-Alcoholic Bitters To Spice Up Your Drinks

Options for non-alcoholic drinks are pretty limited, and even the available options are not as interesting as their counterparts. A non-alcoholic drink will either have a single flavor or no flavor if you decide to go with mineral water.

However, there is a way to spice up non-alcoholic drinks by making cocktails with more depth and sophistication. You can make cocktails that do not have a spirit base and still experience the same burst of flavor as a cocktail with some alcohol content.

How do you make a simple and boring cocktail taste better without adding alcohol? Non-alcoholic bitters are the solution to that. Bitters have concentrated flavors that dilute the one-dimensional flavors in most non-alcoholic cocktails. How do you whip up a non-alcoholic cocktail using bitters?

Step-by-step Guide on How to Make a Simple Non-Alcoholic Drink With Bitters

1. What You Will Need

One of the main ingredients in any cocktail is ice cubes. Ice cubes keep the drink chilled and the flavors intact when drinking. You can decide to have one big ice cube or several ice cubes for this cocktail. Though, a big one is better because it will take time to melt.

The other essential ingredient is simple syrup. You can decide to make your simple syrup or buy it. For the former, mix water and sugar in a pot and bring to a boil. Wait until all the sugar has dissolved. Cool it entirely after that, and it will be ready to use now.

You also need juice in the flavor you would like your cocktail to be. It could be cherry juice, pineapple juice, or even lemon juice. You will also need tonic water to add volume to the drink. The last and most crucial piece of ingredient is the non-alcoholic bitters.

2. Making The Drink

Non-Alcoholic Bitters

Once you have collected and prepared all the ingredients, it is time to assemble your drink now. The first thing you put in the glass is the one big ice cube. Make sure the ice cube you pick can fit in the glass without taking up all the space.

You will need a mixing glass to prepare the rest of the ingredients. Start by putting in half a teaspoon of non-alcoholic bitters, and then add about 7ml of the simple syrup. You will also add your juice in the amount of 60ml. Mix all the ingredients well and pour into the glass with the ice cube.

The next step is to top up the drink with tonic water. The amount of tonic you add to the drink depends on the level of the drink after adding the mixture. Tonic water helps balance out the bitter flavors of the bitters, and if you feel your drink is too bitter, you can always add tonic water.

3. Garnish The Drink

Now that your drink is in the glass, you need to make it presentable and add a little flavor to it. The best garnish to use is the fruit of the juice you used for your cocktail. For example, if you use cherry juice, you can garnish it with some cherries.

However, you can decide to add a little flavor to your cocktail by using a star anise pod. It is one of the most popular garnishes in any cocktails. It is important to note that the type of non-alcoholic bitters you use should go well with the kind of juice you decide to use. That also affects the garnish you will use for the cocktail.


Cocktails, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, mainly depend on your taste. If you are a mixologist and making cocktails with non-alcoholic bitters is your job, apply some creativity to make the best cocktails for your customers. There are many recipes to use with non-alcoholic bitters that take those non-alcoholic drinks to another level.

Try out different types of bitters on other drinks to know which ones go well together. With the diverse range of non-alcoholic bitters, I am sure you will find something to use for every signature drink you make. I hope the above guide has helped you with the idea of making cocktails with non-alcoholic bitters

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