How To Turn A Guy On The Right Way: Seductive Tips

Many women feel like men are turned on all the time. This is not the case. There are many advantages to turning a guy on the right way. One of them is having an amazing love life.

If you turn a guy on the right way he will want to have you again and again.

Here are some ways in which you can properly turn a guy on.

And these are really for people who are in a relationship, not when you’re courting.

Own your sexiness

When you are comfortable in your skin, that radiates sexual energy with men. When you know that sex isn’t dirty or wrong or bad but, in fact, it’s a healthy part of a thriving relationship, that creates a foundation upon which all these other tips will be built.

A girl turning a guy on

Be the one to initiate sex with your man

When you initiate it and when you make him know that you enjoy it and you want it with your man, that is highly attractive. Now, nothing’s worse than when a woman makes us feel like she’s doing us a favor by having sex with us.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’ll take it but it’s much better if you’re initiating it and letting him know that you love making love with your man.

You authentically find your man sexy

Men can read that. And, better yet, when women tell a man either verbally, or with your body language, that they find them sexy, men love that. Totally turns men on.

So you might rub our arms or you might rub our chest or you might lean in and say “Damn, you are so sexy right now.” Or you can even use what’s called the kissing whisper.

This is where you lean in and you tell him a secret, you know, you get real close to his ear. You tell him a secret where your lips are just touching his ear. And you tell him something like “Damm, you are so sexy right now.” Ooh, it just drives men wild. Men love that.


A woman’s smell is a powerful tool to ignite attraction. In fact, when a girl walks by, if she smells good, she has the power to snap a neck. It’s a very powerful tool. And the opposite of true. If you don’t smell good, it can be a massive turn-off. So use your smell to your advantage.

Infuse some variety into the relationship

You know, if you’re always making love in the bedroom, change it up. Make some love in the living room or follow him into the shower. If you’re always doing a missionary position, change it up. There’s a lot to choose from.

You could do doggie style, froggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, rusty trombone. Infuse some variety into the relationship and that will spice it up.

Biting. Right?

Bite his lip a little bit or bit his neck or nibble on his ear. It’s playful and it’s fun. Don’t be drawing any blood now. Don’t be going there ’cause you don’t wanna hurt your man but being playful is always fun and ignites attraction
in the relationship.

Wear his clothes

And here’s what I mean, not his workout shorts. But wear his shirts in a sexy way. Put on his dress shirt and walk around the house. Maybe a long t-shirt and bonus points if you ain’t got nothin’ on underneath. But it is very sexy to look at our woman wearing our shirt.

A girl strip tease to turn on a guy

Give your man a striptease

Now, why is a striptease so effective?

It’s because it builds the anticipation of what’s about to go down. And any time you increase the tension, you raise the attraction. But, you have to be comfortable in your skin. You have to be confident in this. If you’re shy or hurried or nervous, it’s gonna kill the vibe, right?

That will not create the vibe that you want at that moment. But if you’re fun, if you’re relaxed, if you’re confident with yourself at that moment, your man is going to love it.

Allow yourself to make some noise

When you’re making love. Allow your man to know that you enjoy what’s going on. The worst is a dead fish. A woman who’s just lying there, not making any noise, not moving at all.

And it’s kinda like, are you enjoying this at all?

Men want to know that we are doing a good job for you and making noise is one of the best ways to do that. As men, want to feel like, they’re doing this. They’re making this happen. This is awesome. Now, word to the wise, make sure it’s a sexy noise. Avoid whining. Something unsexy, men don’t like it.

But when you bring a sexy noise and allow yourself to express yourself that way, you’re going to let your man know he’s doing a great job which will fire him up.

Unadulterated, full-spectrum laughter

This means that you let your joy flag fly. You let yourself enjoy the moment, laugh full-out, and express yourself. Because there’s nothing more magnetic and attractive than a woman who is enjoying herself. Men are drawn to this.

So there you have it. The biggest turn-ons for men.

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