How to Trim Chest Hair | Men’s Grooming Tips

To trim or to not to trim chest hair. That’s completely upto you. But If you definitely want to shave then here’s how you should do it.

You know what a freshly shaved hair feels like. It’s not good to touch. So just have it long enough  that it hugs the body,trim it slightly.

How to Trim Chest Hair | Men's Grooming Tips

A man’s chest should always look un-groomed. It shouldn’t be too comb-over, scissor, or too tightly groomed. Don’t shave it because it comes back in too abrupt.

If you want to remove it completely, waxing is probably your best bet, because it comes back in much softer. So if you wax the hair, it’s much more pleasant to touch when it grows back in. When you shave the hair it blunts out the tip.

So you’re shaving it and it’s growing out, and it’s growing very blunt, but when you pull it out from the root it’s growing out really soft. It has a soft tip. So there is a myth that if you wax it that it comes back thicker, it’s not true because the thickness of the hair is already established by the already existing follicle. It should always feel good.

It should always be approachable. If it gets really opaque in some areas, that’s where you want to sort of dive into it and lean it out a little bit, but you don’t want it to look too manicured.

And one of the tricks up here is always leaving the Adam’s Apple area, underneath the Adam’s Apple you want to keep it free of hair. Hold down the chest hair and you dive under and you clean that area, and then you let that come up naturally.

So you need to keep a certain amount of hair gone between there and facial hair. You want to make sure there aren’t any lines.

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