How To Treat Your Girlfriend On Her Period

Many people believe that it is quite hard to understand a woman but I personally don’t support this notion. Nowadays, I see many people making fun of women about their personal health issues. A woman can be easily understandable if you give her time, love, and affection which she wants. Obviously, Every woman has different needs and desires. Periods are something that feels like an ache. It is the pain in your lower abdomen and your stomach may be upset.

So, let’s talk about periods. Periods pain can be sharp, dull, and sometimes consistent. Periods can cause cramps which is due to the heavy flow of bleeding, blood clots, and endometriosis. The majority of women bleed every month. For some girls, periods are not the problem at all but for some, it is a very painful experience. knowing your girlfriend’s needs on her periods is just like a shot in the dark.

girl on period

I am going to share some ideas that I believe will help you treat your girlfriend on her period.

#1 Be patient

The very first thing is you need to be very patient because your partner might suffer from a lot of pain. Don’t blame her irritability but always try to understand what she is coming from. Understanding is the only key to be patient. Moreover, be the best partner you can be.

#2 Give her a massage

During periods one’s body becomes so sensitive, slow, and gentle. Most girls will feel relaxed while getting a massage from their partner. If you are not sure about where to start then bring some oil for instance coconut oil and ask her what she would like. Foot massage? Head massage ? or lower back rub?

#3 Cuddle her

While periods love her and cuddle her more as it leads to happiness and removes the stress of pain. You simply need to be very flexible and attentive during those days. Sometimes she wants to be chill by herself so be okay with that because she will definitely come back to you when she is ready.

#4 Bring her favorite food

Most of the girls like me are always impressed by food and snacks as eating good food leads to good health and I believe that it cheers your mood and helps to forget the period’s pain. At the end of the day, it’s just a hormonal situation so you need to work with very sensitivity.

#5 Never blame her

Never ever blame her on periods because women’s bodies become so sensitive that causes irritation, probably anger, and then everyone gets tense. so, I would suggest don’t do that.

#6 Keep track of her periods

It is quite good if you track her periods because tracking periods using many apps can definitely be a very nice gesture for her. Additionally, it also shows your care towards your partner which loses the feeling of irritation.

#7 Give sudden surprises

With all the safety measures take your partner to the long drives if she agrees to. Drive slow with some good music and ask for a night out. This will help you a lot and give it a try too. Even every girl loves to get surprises from their partners for example a flower bouquet even teddies.

#8 Try not to engage in

It’s very complicated during the days of periods to talk about sex or something related to it. Your partner may not be comfortable just because of the pain she is going through. So, I strongly suggest not to talk about sex.

#9 Mentioning blood

The biggest don’t is that mentioning the blood and blood clots. Never ever do that because it is disheartening for them. In contrast, a lot of emotions and hormones come into play. If she feels up to it have sex with her. Just throw a towel over the bedsheets and get to it.

#10 Giver her emotional support

You need to behave very mature about the symptoms of periods. Listen to her if she has complaints about periods. Never use rough words to express your thoughts. The one thing that is more important is to reduce social activities because she is more tired than usual.

Importantly, you know that your partner is better than anyone else so if you are confused about something you can ask her freely and do it because you love her. Don’t be afraid to laugh with her at times.

If you are in a relationship with a woman don’t let the tantrums intimidate you. What most women think that if a man can’t stand up to her in an affectionate way, then she loses respect for him and of course sexual attraction towards him.

She needs to respect you by doing her best to behave pretty well and not be annoying during the times of periods.

BE SURE to give her positive feedback about all the things. A mistake that some guys make is that they only tend to comment on their girl’s behavior when it is negative.


I hope you learned something from it.

The approach I use is based on my personal experience. Read my other blogs on relationships & life that brings out the best. If you really want to maintain your relationship read my article about RELATIONSHIP GOALS. It makes your partner feel respectful and in love with you over time.

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