How To Text A Girl: The Only Guide You Need

Have you ever met a girl, hit it off, exchange numbers, texted her to set up plans, and then never seen her again? You don’t know how to text a girl.

If the answer is yes and it’s probably happened more than once.

And that’s because there are about a dozen other guys trying to get her attention at the same time and your texts just don’t stand out.

Even if you hit it off in person, you are sunk in this day and age if you can’t make her like you over text.

So I want to give you five things that you can do that will separate you from the pack, make her more attracted to you, and get you meeting her in person.

Girl laughing after receiving a text

#1 When you get her number, save yourself on her phone as something fun

Typically, something that reminds her of how you met is best.

So, say that you met her, well, out at a dance club — you can save yourself as Dave Amazing Dancer or even Dave the hunter. It’s a little thing but it makes a big difference every time you contact her because it reminds her of your sense of humour and something that she likes about you.

The goal is really just to make her smile when she sees a text from you.

#2 After you’ve added your name into her phone, send yourself a text as her.

You do this for a few reasons — one so that you have her number but also so that you guys can begin flirting over text right away.

Start by sending yourself goofy compliments as her so you could say for instance, “OMG …dream come true. I’m so happy I finally have your number, you handsome devil.

” Sometimes, she won’t even realize that you’ve done this which is great because the next day, you can respond with something like,

“Awwww, you’re so sweet. You didn’t have to say that.” Now you’re starting this continued conversation off on a funny note and it makes it much easier to continue.

How to text a girl

#3 Once you’re talking, do not make it all logistical.

Most guys text things like, “Hey, this is Jack. I had a really great time meeting you. How is the rest of your night?” This is a nice thought but it is so boring because it’s just pure logistics.

Instead, send things that create emotion like, “How was your night? Pick up any other handsome gentlemen at the bar?”

In both cases, you’re asking about her night but in one, you’re being bland and in the other, you’re making her smile with a little bit of cockiness.

The one that creates more emotional engagement is the one she’s more likely to respond to so in general, a good rule of thumb in texting is to ask yourself, “On a scale of one to ten, how much emotion does this text create?” If it’s less than a three, change it or don’t send it.

#4 Use callback humour.

I’ve already given a couple of examples of this but it deserves its own point. Callback humour is, by far, the easiest way to create your own unique and funny text — you just reference something that made her laugh when you’re interacting.

So if you met her while you were out dancing, for instance, you could say, “FYI, my dance team beat the pants off your dance team last night.” Don’t beat the same theme to death though by referring to it over and over again because then you’re just the guy clinging to the one positive moment that you shared together.

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# 5 When it comes time to make plans with her, make it something she can get excited about.

After two or three rounds of fun text back and forth, you’re usually more than ready to set up plans. And whether or not she says yes will have a lot to do with how exciting your invitation is. “Doing something on Friday,” isn’t exciting.

Even a nice dinner can be boring worse, she may feel nervous about spending an hour and a half eating in front of a stranger and saying no to your invitation just to avoid the potential awkwardness.

But if you invite her to a salsa dancing class, that’s a little bit more fun or a cool mixology bar or even to go get the world’s best ice cream cone — that’s also a lot of fun.

The point is if you can keep your invitation low pressure and exciting, you’re way more likely to get a yes than if you keep it high pressure and generic.

Do all these five tips and you’ll have moved flawlessly from getting a girl’s number to the first date. Of course, you’re going to have to meet her before you can get her number. Using these tips you have known how to text a girl.

Make sure not do creepy things after you get her number because that will be a major turn off for her.

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