How To Stay Warm This Winter   

As winter settles in and the temperature drops by the day, the sales of hats and gloves go through the roof. It’s not all bad news though, the wintertime does give some of the best views, and the reduced speed can be appreciated by the roads and public transport.

The question is, how do you stay warm this winter?

You may think this is an easy one to answer, but if your boiler breaks down and your heating isn’t working, how to stay warm is going to be a question you really need answering! Consider these top ideas for staying warm inside and out this winter season.

Get the Experts in as Soon as Possible

Before you do anything else, you need to ensure that your heating is going to see you through the colder months.

If your heating has broken down, companies like will help you get on the road to a warm house as soon as possible.

However, don’t wait for it to break down to call in the experts. Get it serviced as soon as you can to ensure that it is in good working order before it is too late and you are left without heat.

Add More Blankets

A guy standing outdoors during winters

Keep a cozy blanket on your bed during the winter. Even if you don’t plan to sleep in, keeping a blanket on your bed will keep you warm and cozy through the night. You can always throw it in the washer when it gets dirty!

Wool blankets are the best when it comes to keeping warm. If you want something that doesn’t need washing all the time and keeps out the cold, opts for a wool blanket.

It’s also less of a fire hazard than a blanket made from other fabrics, as wool is naturally flame-retardant, meaning it will be less likely to catch fire if exposed to heat or flame.

To keep things really toasty in bed, add a real wool blanket on top. A real wool blanket, even a thin one, will be able to trap in the extra air and keep you extra warm overnight. If you have a wool allergy, get a wool blanket the same size as a double duvet and put it inside a duvet cover.

Wear a Scarf

Keep your neck warm and cozy by wearing a scarf! Scarves also come in useful when it’s raining outside, as they can be used to shield you from the rain. Add a pair of gloves and a nice warm hat to your ensemble, and you’re sure to stay lovely and warm on winter walks.

Find Good Insulation

There are all sorts of insulating materials which can be used to keep your house in good condition – and warm. Proper insulation is key for keeping a home warmer for longer and even easier if you’re going away on vacation during the winter months.

Look at getting better insulation if you’re worried about the cold coming through walls or floorboards this winter.

A Warm Coat

Keeping warm isn’t a difficult task if you have a nice warm coat to wear. It may be worth investing in one for those cold winter nights where you end up staying out at the pub all night with everyone else.

Winter Socks

During the winter months, it’s advisable to wear a pair of good socks. Get yourself some nice warm socks, and don’t even think about leaving the house without them. For those days where even your feet are freezing, keep some socks and good warm underwear on hand to keep you nice and warm.

Indulge in Hot Drinks

Learn to make some good homemade hot chocolate. It is so easy to make and tastes great! You can find some great recipes online that will tickle your taste buds and leave your insides toasty warm. If hot chocolate doesn’t take your fancy, a cup of tea or coffee should do the trick.

Use A Hot Water Bottle

A nice hot water bottle is an excellent way to stay warm at night. Get yourself a nice, high-quality water bottle and fill it with warm water. You can fill the bottle up with steaming hot water every evening if you want to have the heat on hand all evening for when you need it.

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