How to Spend Quality Time With Your Significant Other

If your goal is a happy and healthy relationship, learning more about quality time and how it molds your relationship is essential.

Quality time goes beyond being in the same physical space as your partner. Quality time is an intentional effort made towards bonding and strengthening your connection.

You get to talk about things that really matter to you, not just about taking out the trash or changing the oil in her car.

If you’re struggling with how you can spend quality time with your partner, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips and ideas to help you foster quality time, get closer to your partner and strengthen your relationship.

  • Prioritize Time Together

It’s okay that you’re both on very hectic schedules, but it’s important to prioritize spending time together.

Take some time off your schedules and dedicate it to each other, and treat these moments as other commitments in your life.

  • Plan Date Nights

You’d be amazed at how much routines save your relationship from falling into a rut.

Set aside date nights where you spend time together doing something fun, having intimate conversations, and deepening your connection.

You can order takeout, go out for dinner, play intimate games, movie night, etc. There are plenty of couple activities you can schedule for a game night that will keep things fresh and exciting.

You must both shoulder the responsibility of planning date night so it doesn’t feel like a one-sided effort.

  • Unplug from Technology

Tech is great, but when it comes to strengthening intimacy with your partner, it might be a big distraction. It’s not quality time when you’re both watching cat videos across from each other.

Unplug from your devices and create a tech-free zone when planning to spend time together. During this moment, you owe your undivided attention to each other, meaning you can engage and connect on a deeper level.

  • Engage in Meaningful Conversations
couple spending time

How often do you have open and intimate conversations? Do you pay attention to what your partner is up to constantly? Are you aware of any struggles they might be dealing with?

Spending quality time gives you an opportunity to have deep, meaningful conversations with your partner. Ask open-ended questions, listen actively and ask follow-up questions, and show genuine interest in what your partner says and feels. If you’re having trouble communicating with your partner, check this app for expert help.

Not only does this help to strengthen your emotional connection, but you also get to deepen your understanding of each other.

  • Explore Shared Interests

It is important to engage in activities you both like and enjoy. Doing something together unlocks a new aspect of your relationship, and you get to know your partner more.

Exploring more activity options allows you to understand how your partner behaves in different settings.

In addition, exploring a collective hobby allows you to create more memories around something you both love.

  • Plan a Mini-Vacation

Why not pack your bags and go away for a night or two? Getting away with your significant other is a great way to unplug from life, hectic careers, family, and even your relationship.

A mini-vacation allows you to focus on yourselves, do the stuff you enjoy and eat meals you love.

Discover what love is like when life is not happening around you.

  • Talk about Random Things

You’d be surprised at how much you uncover when you start talking about random things with your partner. You’ll start to share stuff you’ve never told anyone else, such as embarrassing moments, controversial beliefs, intrusive thoughts, jokes you came up with, secrets from your teen years, etc.

The point is to open up to each other and learn more about your partner. Who knows, maybe some of her quirks will start to make sense.

  • It’s Okay to Get Bored

Spending time with your partner in a space with no buffers, such as screens, is not an easy feat.

However, you must learn to spend time with your partner without depending on technological noise to bail you out every time the conversation slows down.

According to relationship experts, all you have to do is relax and sit through the boredom.  Wrestling such uncomfortable situations as a team brings you closer.

  • Have Breakfast Together

Everything will be fine if you share breakfast with your significant other.

You might have to compromise and wake up earlier if you’re not on the same schedule. You don’t have to prepare a full breakfast; a cup of coffee would be just fine. Have fun conversations, maintain eye contact, and don’t forget to kiss your partner before they leave.


Remember, the goal of spending quality time is to be fully present and aware of your partner and their needs. This is a great way to keep up with each other’s intimate thoughts and feelings and how they grow as an individual.

Spending quality time will bring you closer and deepen your intimacy.

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