How to Smartly Use Pomodoro for Focus and Productivity in the Workplace

Distraction is a part of the work nature.

It’s inevitables you clear workloads each day. But too much of it leads to procrastination which pushes tasks nearer or even beyond the deadline.

Hence, many people prefer to use Pomodoro for focus and productivity today.


Pomodoro technique is an easy time management technique that circles on simple principles to encourage productivity and focus.

It involves a cycle of four 25-minute Pomodoro, with 3 to 5 minutes rest between each one. A longer rest of 15 to 30 minutes takes place after the fourth Pomodoro, then the cycle repeats to zero.

Easy? That’s what many men think it is. No too many unnecessary antics just to squeeze as many tasks as possible to each Pomodoro.

Thing is, the technique also has some cons which you must be aware of before using it.

Hence, know more about it in this Pomodoro technique article.

All you must learn about Pomodoro for Focus and Productivity today

As mentioned earlier, the Pomodoro technique is about breaking down your tasks into time intervals. To simply put it, here are the six basic steps of doing the technique properly:

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  1. Plan the tasks you must finish.
  2. Set your Pomodoro timer to alarm after 25 minutes.
  3. Work on your task until the timer rings. This is counted as one Pomodoro.
  4. When the time is up, end your task and put a checkmark on a paper.
  5. Take 3 to 5 minutes break after each of the first to third checkmark.
  6. After four Pomodoro, take a longer break of 15 to 30 minutes, then go back to zero. Repeat a set when necessary.

Although it seems simple, Pomodoro for focus and productivity runs on the principles of planning, tracking, recording and visualizing your tasks.

That leads to certain big effects, especially in curbing one’s behavior towards work.

Big Effects of Pomodoro Technique

people planning at work

1. Improve Planning and Prioritizing

Pomodoro doesn’t simply demand to give yourself a 25-minute deadline while working. Instead, it’s about planning your tasks carefully to finish it within one Pomodoro.

It’s about prioritizing tasks you must do first as well.

A Pomodoro technique practitioner thinks that finishing a task for two or more Pomodoro indicates poor productivity and focus.

Unless, of course, a task seems impossible to finish within 25 minutes or even an hour. That’s the time when you must divide the entire tasks into mini sub-tasks.

Say, you’re ought to finish reading an entire book.

Instead of setting it to be done in 25 minutes, which is practically impossible, divide the book into chapters or pages.

Then, for example, you can proceed with five to ten pages each Pomodoro. That’s proper planning in action!

2. Maintain Motivation

Pomodoro technique also helps in keeping you motivated while at work. Setting a countdown timer as your work is similar to giving a deadline to yourself.

Psychologically, that pushes you to remain motivated in finishing the task as soon as possible. Remember that you must finish a task within one Pomodoro.

Moreover, Pomodoro for focus and productivity has motivation efficiency through its breaks.

Short and long break times act as rewards to yourself after work. It keeps you lubricated throughout tasks too.

3. Freshness of Mind

Another benefit of Pomodoro is keeping your mind fresh throughout work. That’s by providing sufficient rests, instead of letting you burn out in the middle of workloads.

Tons of research already shows the importance of rest to keep employees engaged throughout the day. It’s associated with better productivity and performance too.

discussion at work

4. Focus and Productivity

Ultimately, the Pomodoro technique proves efficient in boosting productivity and focus. Time restriction keeps motivation burning, as well as keeping focus intact.

Note that once distractions catch you, you may need up to 30 minutes to get back to work.

Bringing all the effects of Pomodoro together gives you the idea of productivity increase. If you’d get the good habit of planning, prioritizing, staying motivated and focus, you can certainly do more each day at work.

Disadvantages of Using the Pomodoro Technique

Yes, the Pomodoro technique sounds great. But it comes with a couple of disadvantages as well. Good thing is, there is some workaround to handle these cons.

It’s an All or Nothing Time Management Technique

A Yahoo! staff and employee, Colin T. Miller, says you either finish a Pomodoro or not. He emphasizes that tasks which don’t gain checkmarks tend to discourage a person from starting a Pomodoro. He cited meetings as an example.

If a meeting is ought to begin in 15 minutes, for instance, then you’re discouraged to start a 25-minute timer.

Now, note that Pomodoro for focus and productivity doesn’t strictly indicate 25 minutes for each Pomodoro.

That’s only the traditional timeframe, which you can, of course, decrease when necessary.

If you only have 15 minutes left to do a task, for example, setting your timer for Pomodoro isn’t needed at all. Simply finish your task within the remaining time.

It doesn’t Fit Everybody

Mario Fusco, a lead software engineer, also points out that the Pomodoro technique isn’t really necessary. He says that professionals don’t work following a 25-minute timer on their desks.

“Will you let a surgeon that needs a timer to stay concentrated on his job to operate you?” he said as an example.

Practically speaking, Fusco is actually correct. Certain professionals don’t work that way, especially if their steady focus is necessary for a longer time.

Thing is, many people find Pomodoro applicable and effective for their workplace. In other words, the Pomodoro technique may work for you or not, depending on your own needs and preferences.

Try the Pomodoro Technique and see if it helps you today!

Pomodoro technique is certainly helpful in improving focus and productivity among men in their workplace.

It doesn’t even cost anything unless you want to purchase the iconic Pomodoro or tomato kitchen timer.

A Pomodoro timer app on your phone works fine, as long as you’ll use it with a proper mindset through the process.

Lastly, remember that the Pomodoro technique also requires practice. Most practitioners take one or two days to master the technique on their own.

Then, they enjoy the habit of Pomodoro for focus and productivity every day, which leads to even bigger results in the long term.

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