How To Shape Chest After Gynecomastia Surgery?

According to statistics, 60%-90% of children are affected by asymptomatic gynecomastia, it is common in 50%-60% of adolescents and 70% of men belonging to the age group of 50 to 69 years. 

One of the major visible symptoms of gynecomastia is that it can affect one or both the breasts. This can lead to an asymmetrical chest.

Hence, a lot of men who are about to undergo surgery have a question, “What should I do after the surgery to flatten the chest?”.

Read this article to know what to expect and how to shape the chest once the gynecomastia surgery is complete.

What to expect after gynecomastia surgery?

Once the gynecomastia surgery is complete, you are likely to feel any one of the following side effects.

Here is a list of the common risks and complications of gynecomastia surgery that can occur- 

  • Reaction to anesthesia
  • Bruising 
  • Infection 
  • Accumulation of fluid 
  • Numbness of the treated area 
  • Change in skin sensation
  • Deep vein thrombosis 
  • Swelling that doesn’t subside 
  • Poor healing of the wound 
  • Looseness of skin or worsening of cellulite 
  • Uneven, wavy, or bumpy skin due to poor skin elasticity 
  • Burn or thermal injury due to the cannula movement 
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Pulmonary embolism 
  • Kidney or cardio problems
  • Damage to other structures such as nerves, blood vessels, muscles, lungs, and abdominal organs

Exercises to do after gynecomastia surgery

To reiterate a statement almost every fitness enthusiast is aware of if you reduce fat accumulated in the chest, it can give a shape to the chest and enhance the overall appearance of a person.

Here are some exercises that can tighten the chest and pectoral muscles both before and after the gynecomastia surgery. Here is a table of exercises to try- 

Pushups  3 sets followed by 10-12 sets
Standing cable flyx3sets, each 10 times
Sprints 45-60 seconds on the treadmill 
Bench pressesx3sets, each 10 times
Reverse cable pullsx3sets, each 12-15 times
Dumbbell pullover x3sets, each 10-12 times


Also, try to add the following cardio exercises for at least 15 minutes of cardio exercises in a day. 

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Taking the stairs 
  • Jumping rope 

Lifestyle practices to follow after gynecomastia surgery 

Here are some foods that you should continue eating even after the gynecomastia surgery is complete-

  • Eat cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, kale, turnips, collard greens, etc. as these contain compounds- phytochemicals that ensure faster metabolism of estrogen in the body. 
  • Add whole grains such as wheat, oats, rye, corn as these contain high levels of endosperm, bran, and germs reduce the estrogen levels in the body.
  • Include flax seeds and sesame seeds as these contain high levels of polyphenols that reduce estrogen levels in the body.
  • Drink green tea as it has high amounts of polyphenols that can prevent breast enlargement.

In addition to the above list, keep an eye on the activities that you undertake. Otherwise, if you don’t take proper care, the wounds can get damaged. Keep the following tips in mind for the initial 3 weeks of the recovery. 

  • Wear compression garments 24×7 for 21 days for the faster healing of the wound. 
  • Do not skip any appointment after the surgery.
  • Apply cold compressions to the surrounding area of the wounds on the chest in case the pain and swelling don’t subside. Remember not to apply the ice cubes directly to the skin.
  • Rest for the entire recovery period. Ideally, you should get a sleep of 8-9 hours.
  • Your doctor asks to stop smoking before the surgery as preparation. It is advisable that you neither smoke nor drink even after the surgery. If possible, give up these habits permanently.
  • Continue taking your vitamin supplements only after proper consultation with the doctor to promote healing. 
  • You need to drink at least 3-4 liters of water to keep yourself hydrated or else it can cause constipation or dehydration. 
  • Ask one of your close relatives or friends to take care of you on the day of the surgery and the first week of the recovery.
  • When you fall asleep, put some extra pillows under the head so that you sleep with the head elevated.
  • Do not fall asleep on your side after the surgery for a couple of days.
  • Avoid performing any strenuous exercise at any cost until the doctor certifies you to do so. 

When to expect results after gynecomastia surgery?

There are a lot of factors depending on which the total time required to recover completely after gynecomastia surgery is decided.

These include the patient’s physique, their tolerance towards the pain, the technology used to complete the surgery, and the extent of fat and tissue removed. However, in general, it takes 4-6 to weeks for the recovery to complete.

In some cases, it can take some extra time. After this, another 2-3 months of continuous exercises are required for the chest to get completely flattened. 

How effective is gynecomastia surgery?

Doctors suggest surgical options along with the exercises to keep the hormonal levels in balance.

The surgery involves liposuction along with gland excision surgery. Consult doctors from clinics such as Pristyn Care who can clarify all your doubts related to gynecomastia.

The surgical option is the only treatment option that has been deemed to be effective for curing gynecomastia.

Although not permanent, these do provide long-lasting results.

However, if you go back to the older unhealthy habits of being a couch potato and continue eating unhealthy food items such as canned items or processed foods, then it is possible for the fat pockets to develop again.

Therefore, it is imperative that you continue following the above lifestyle recommendations in order to ensure that the body shape remains intact. 


Reshaping the chest after gynecomastia surgery is an essential part.

A lot of people make several mistakes during this period.

Although the chest is flattened after the surgery, consult with nutritionists and fitness experts in order to get advice for the proper shape of the chest. In case of any questions, speak with your doctor regarding the same. 

Dr. Ashwani Kumar

Dr. Ashwani Kumar is a Plastic Surgeon,Burn Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon in Gurgaon Sector 29, Gurgaon and has an experience of 11 years in these fields. Dr. Ashwani Kumar practices at Pristyn Care in Gurgaon Sector 29, Gurgaon and Pristyn Care in Kalindi Kunj, Delhi. He completed MCh - Plastic Surgery from IPGMER,KOLKATA,West Bengal University of Health Sciences in 2017,MS - General Surgery from UCMS in 2013 and MBBS from UCMS in 2008. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Fat Injections (Transplant),Muscle Relaxing Injections,Cosmetic Surgery,Buttock Implant and Thighplasty (Thigh Lift) etc.

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