How To Make Money: Legit Ways

I don’t care if you’re a swimmer, I don’t care if you’re a shark hunter or a programmer.

Everybody needs to know how they can make more money and have more sources of income. It’s one of the most common questions I don’t have any money, How to make money starting today?

So, the advice I’m gonna offer you today works pretty much for all ages, so I don’t want you to worry about that.

First of all, before we start talking about different ways you can make more money, you need to understand why
somebody would pay you.

People want to pay you if you provide them with some kind of value.

What I mean by that is, for example, I’ll see a Facebook post by one of my friends going hey, I’m trying to get a job for $9 an hour, who’s trying to hire?

What’s wrong with that pitch?

What’s immediately very wrong with that pitch and probably nobody wants to hire that person. It seems that they’re desperate and they really have nothing to offer besides just ask you for money.

What you need to do that’s different from somebody with that kind of approach is to make sure that you offer something of value, so people want to give you money for it.

Now, I’m going to share with you the first way that you can make more money starting today.

Private lessons to make money

1. Teaching private lessons to make money.

Do you have expertise in any area of your life?

Now, a lot of people have this almost inferiority complex, I wanna say, where they think that they’re not good enough or whatever they teach is not valuable enough to people.

How about if I told you that people making very basic caricatures, cartoons essentially, are getting paid $250 an hour, and they started with $8 an hour at a point?

What if I told you that one of my friends started charging people $25 an hour, $30 an hour, when he pretty much began his career and he was 17 years old, to then going on and being able to charge people upwards of $150 an hour?

Is that ridiculous?

That is pretty crazy, but people are willing to pay you if you have a certain skill that you can teach them.

I guarantee that if you dig deep down enough, you have skills that you can share with people that would really help them. Think about all of the ways that you can help somebody.

Okay, I don’t care if it’s your friend or your grandma, but if you are able to help them with one of their things, you can help somebody else, who’s willing to pay you for your certain thing that you can help them with.

So, I’m gonna tell you about some websites that you can actually go to.

One of them is called Okay, you can actually go there, make a profile, and if there’s a certain skill that you think you can bring to the table, most of those things you’re able to charge for.

Anything that you think you can offer to other people, you need to find that group of people that need your help and then offer your services to them, okay?

Getting rich is not a byproduct of saving more on, I don’t know, a cup of coffee or saving $15 or $5 a day, trying not to hang out with your friends, trying not to go out too much, trying not to play a game when they wanna play it or watching a movie outside.

That is not how you become rich.

There’s a limit to how much you can cut from your spending, but there’s no limit to how much you can earn. So, you need to think more in terms of how you can increase your income streams, rather than cut your spending.

I’m not saying cutting your spending is a bad thing. If you’re doing something obnoxious, sure. If you’re subscribed to something maybe cut your subscription or something like that.

That might help you.

Now, regarding lessons or private lessons, you don’t have to be an expert in that industry to offer them. You can be just one step ahead of them, and often people like that a lot better than somebody who’s just an expert. Somebody who’s an expert can’t get down, most of the time, to their level to explain to them exactly what they need to know. Somebody who’s only one step ahead can explain that very clearly and understands the troubles of the person who is right behind him.

So, if you’re learning about coding and you’re learning about programming, you can teach those skills to other people. You can go to these websites, these platforms, or reach out to people locally and offer private lessons and teach them.

If you learn about Hello World, you can teach somebody and charge people. Trust me, most people don’t know anything about coding, usually, when they’re looking up an instructor for coding.

So, if you know things simple things, like variables and functions, you can tutor those people and help them. In terms of your hourly rate, you can start it off low and start to increase as time progresses.

That’s something that I want you to play around with because if you’re afraid, you’re never gonna make more money. You’re gonna be stuck at one level.

Stop being worried about what other people are thinking or what they think is a regular rate.

You want you to keep increasing your rate and if at a point, you’re not running into anybody who wants your business, then you can lower it.

Don’t be stuck at one rate and trying to be comfortable because when you start being comfortable, that’s when you don’t make leaps ahead.

And again, money is a good way to get free. Travel with your friends and family. Go out, watch movies. Hang out with your friends. Go out to freaking Paris, if you want to, and pay for your friend’s family or girlfriend, or whoever and nobody has to worry about anything.

So, ultimately, it’s about the freedom that you get from money, not like you’re just greedy for money and that’s all you wanna do, right? So, those are a few points I wanna make clear.

Another website you can sign up to today is called

Now, all of these tools may or may not work for you. You may or may not get hired because of these, but my friends have gotten a lot of business, especially when they were starting out, from those places.

All of these platforms essentially allow you to market a certain skill set that you have and send you people who are interested in that.

How to make money

2. Briefcase Technique.

So, what the heck is a briefcase technique? Have you ever gone to an interview or had to actually meet with somebody to pitch your idea or ever gone in unprepared?

Have you ever thought about how you need to prepare or how much is good enough? How much preparation is necessary for increasing your chances at landing that job, landing that private lesson, landing that freelance or gig, right?

Well, the answer to that is, there’s no amount of preparation that’s good enough, but if you over-prepare, that’s always the best way to go about it.

The briefcase technique is about over-preparing for an insane amount.

So, rather than focusing and negotiating your salary with them, your hourly rate with them, if you focus more on the aspect of how you can bring more value to their company, what kind of things you can offer to them, you have pretty much a list of things that you can do to help them made already.

And it’s also ingrained at the top of your head. You also know about the company, their competitors, how you can bring value to them, and how you can help them.

If you can take out all of the guesswork from them, then them paying you just simply becomes a matter of triviality. It simply becomes a formality.

That’s really what it comes down to because if you’ve done all of the homework. If you are so freaking over-prepared when you go and meet that client, it’s actually more inconvenient for them to say no to you, to look for somebody else, because they know they’re not gonna get anybody as good as you, right?

And this is a byproduct of just over-preparing and over-delivering. So, that’s how you can land big clients, that’s how you can land more gigs as a freelancer, trying to teach private lessons, or whatever it is that you think that you can do.

Manage social media accounts to make money

3. Social media management.

Almost nobody wants to do it because they’re like marketers, eh, I don’t wanna deal with any of that. So, a lot of your local businesses, especially restaurants, need people who can manage their social media because they don’t want to deal with that.

They wanna just deal with their business. They want to focus on whatever is going on, but a lot of them personally don’t want to deal with social media management. So, you can reach out to them and tell them how you can bring more value to them. You don’t even need to talk about money when you start, okay?

If somebody starts to bring in money, just tell them, hold on one second, I think I have a few offers. I have a few valuable suggestions that can help take your business to the next level and that’s what I would like to discuss. With a lot of these companies, they don’t wanna manage their social media.

You can be the one to manage it. You can charge them from anywhere between $500 to $1000 a month. And especially, if you can get multiple clients, now you have a few thousand dollars or a few hundred dollars coming in every month.

I don’t think that hurts anybody.

How to make money
How to make money

4. Building websites.

This is probably one of the best ways to make money nowadays. Even if you have no knowledge about making websites you can hire someone and if you have some marketing skills you can make some big bucks. If you go out and build websites or offer to build websites for people, that is something that can really help other businesses.

And again, when you’re offering something valuable to other people, that is likely going to benefit you and help you as well. And people again, want to pay you for your services.  Again, you can reach out to local businesses, offer a website with a flat fee, I don’t know, $1000 to $2000 or more.

And then, you can offer social media management for a few hundred dollars a month. Again, you can start off
lower to build a repertoire to put something in your portfolio, but eventually, I want you to start charging people more. See, this is the great thing about having multiple sources of income.

So then, you can negotiate a higher rate without freaking out so much.

One of my friends went to apply for a job as an engineer and they were gonna give him, I don’t know, about $50,000 or something like that, a year. And he was so worried about losing that offer if he tried to charge them a higher price.

He said, instead of $50,000, can we do $55,000?

And those guys literally went like okay deal. What does that mean? That means, that they could have offered him a ton more money. Because they’re like wow we’re getting an engineer? And that’s it.

You just wanted five more thousand dollars. I mean, okay sure deal. So, a lot of the time people will try to lowball you. It’s up to you to stand up and negotiate a higher, more intelligent price.

But if you don’t do that, nobody will just hand you money because they’re gonna think, we’re gonna pay this guy. This guy’s worth exactly what he thinks he’s worth, or she. But I can understand from my friend’s perspective.

Here he is, a student who is making no money, trying to get a job. So, he essentially went from making $0 to $50,000. Now, that is a huge jump but had he had multiple sources of income, he would have been able to
negotiate a much better rate when he went in for the interview.

So, try to focus on having multiple sources of income, rather than cutting, expending, and micromanaging, and living a coupon based life.

That’s not how you make more money. That’s not how you get more freedom. If you want to increase your money exponentially, you need to take exponential steps.

You can’t take baby steps and play safe your whole life. You need to experiment. Try to obtain more sources of income. Play around with negotiation, so a higher rate versus a lower rate.

Learn about soft skills and marketing yourselves. And again, try doing those things.

Just a quick recap, lessons, anything of expertise that you can offer to somebody else that you can teach anybody else.

It could be building websites or whatever, right?

Second thing, briefcase technique.

Go in over-prepared for any interviews. Especially as a freelancer, that’s so helpful. You can put up your ads on Craigslist for anything that you can teach them, even juggling. You can teach people juggling. People will pay you for that.

Three, social media management, local businesses, restaurants, call them. Go up to them. Talk with them.

You’ll be able to, you’ll be surprised by how many people want your help, even lawyers, right? They want somebody to handle their social media.

Okay? So, that’s your third way.

The fourth way, build websites for people.

Building websites is a great way for people to get their social presence, their web presence online, their identity online. People want that. People need that in today’s day and age.

Putting together a Yelp for them, Instagram, Twitter, all those things. You can offer it as a package, flat fee for a website, And then, for social media management, you can charge them a monthly rate. $500, $1000, whatever it is that you discuss with them.

Well, I hope this answers your questions on how to make money.

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