How To Make Her Wet: The Right Way

I believe that when it comes down to making her wet one word in mind i.e COMMUNICATE !!

Every single shit starts with this word.

When I met the love of my life, everything changed so fastly! We were very open to each other about what we liked and didn’t like.

As he knows about my body as a whole is very sensitive to touch and stimulation. so, gentle kissing, licking, tickling, and beautiful eye contact is the key to make her wet.

Wetness increases with stimulation. So, Foreplay is a must. Main points to make her wet:

According to me, one should have to do a lot to make her woman wet because women do not get wet at the same pace and volume as men do. Their vaginal liquids are not uniform in density and percentages of compositions.

So, the best ways are :

#1 Communicate with her :

Communication is the best source to make her wet.

You only need to praise her for inner beauty. Tell her that she is the only best one and make her believe that she satisfy you a lot.

#2 Flirt With Her :

You need to realize here that she is yours and a small glimpse of flirt makes a deeper connection.

Once you believe that you have gained the trust then it’s about time to start with some concrete action.

#3 Seduce Her :

You always need to seduce her and you need to know that some women need more time to take the hint you that you like them.

#4 Make A Good Connection :

For most girls, sleeping and hugging with someone is much more than physical intercourse itself.

But you need to make a good connection and make your girl feel special around you.

#5 Tease Her :

You only have to do is create sexual tension between the two of you and for this, the better way is to tease her.

Girls love to be playfully teased. It reveals sexual desires and makes them want more.

#6 Get Her Clothes Off Slowly :

When you are trying to get a girl wet, you just only need to take things slowly.

Instead of ripping all of her clothes off right away, take off piece by piece and do all of this by slowly kissing and with some cuddles and also touching her all body parts so gently !!

#7 Oral Sex :

Sometimes men like to enjoy blowjob rather than having actual sex.

Meanwhile, females are no different. They also enjoy oral sex.

When you get her wet, you simply can put one finger insider her vagina and paying special attention to her clitoris. Also, you can go on down here and lick her entirely !!

#8 Kissing Slowly And Whispering :

Saying good words and telling females that you love her also a part of making her wet because kissing reveals the affection towards her body and whispering good words in her ears is also the biggest turn on ever !!

#9 Sexting :

Nowadays men are more into sexting because it can serve as a prequel and foreplay to what’s coming next.

Moreso, when you make her horny through text, it will be a lot easier to seal the deal when you two meet !!

#10 Praise Her :

You need to make her realize that you missed her and how the curves of her body pressed against yours. Like, you have the most gorgeous ass I have ever seen !!

In contrast, the basics of arousal work for almost everyone. You only need to spend a little time at each step. It’s classic because it feels really good for just about everyone and importantly, don’t rush into penetration.

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