How To Know If It’s Time To Break Up? Signs The Relationship Is Over

Last week, I saw my friend crying loudly over her breakup with her boyfriend. It was the first time I had seen her miserable when they ended their relationship. After spending a few minutes with her, I realized she and her boyfriend had a great relationship until misunderstanding, unnecessary arguments, and insecurities banged on her door. She was in a serious relationship; she was bothered this much.

Apart from the enthrallment, every relationship has a fair share of inevitable ups and downs. No matter how happy you are with your relationship, we all have to experience this at some point. It is one of the inevitable phases of your life where you lose someone you blindly trusted. That person seems to lose all their connection, and things will get seriously worse.

When a relationship is no more cheerful to you but giving you anxiety, sorrow, and pain, it is time to take a difficult step of breakup. When no investments are going to hold up this, this is a significant sign relationship is over for you and your partner.

How Do You Know A Relationship Is Over?

When you say, “I’m not happy in my relationship,” it means you are facing many issues that adversely affect your relationship. An unhealthy relationship is not more than a burden.

When we love someone, occasional arguments usually occur, but there is nothing to worry about if love and understanding sustain. Here you analyze all the good and bad moments in your relationship and try to figure out whether working through problems is actually worth it.

Sometimes, we may spend from weeks to months finding out whether breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend will be the solution or not.

Harsh but true, when you are deep in your emotions, all you can realize is pain and hurt, and your eyes are obscured. Due to this, most of us try to find solutions and take the relationship in a newer direction. But this will never work out when breaking up is the only solution.

It is tricky to determine when you should break up or, rather, makeup. Even if you realize your decision is correct, it’s hard to take things with a broader perspective and step ahead.

Signs the Relationship Is Over For Him

We all know that breaking up with someone you love is challenging and emotionally painful. Various signs signify you need to quit and move on, which are warnings that will cause you shock and uneasiness simultaneously.

Signs are enough to realize my relationship is falling apart. When we emotionally indulge in a relationship, our vision gets blurred with full of disagreements. You must know about those critical signs to safeguard yourself from this situation. According to relationship and sex experts, some of the signs are:-

1. Fail to communicate

The mind is the house of positive and negative thoughts. You need to bother about negatives in your relationship, which should be communicated. Lack of communication is a big void and causes the root of problems to enlarge.

2. Lack of physical intimacy

Sexual desire is integral to a romantic relationship. But the desire for a partner may sway up or down; it’s natural. Your mood has shifted from being excited to dull. However, it’s not a clear indication to end the relationship. But you need to find the answer to why is this happening.

3. Feeling bored

A guy sleeping and his girl friend looking at him unsatisfied

You have an enlightened mood being with your partner when beginning your relationship. This is because your partner unknowingly showed romantic gestures, which raised more excitement in you. When all type of feelings is transformed into monotony, it awakens a lot of insecurities in you.

4. Unwanted fights

No one likes fighting until they are frustrated with something. Sometimes, arguments begin over small things which may or may not be significant. Fighting occasionally widens the gap between partners.

5. No future plans

Every couple has some plans to take their relationship ahead. Making plans is a significant step to determining where you want to be in the coming years. Creating no plans indicates that your partner doesn’t want to continue living together in the future.

Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

You must have heard of being “friend-zoned”; this word has warnings. Before your partner even reaches this stage, many signs reflect whether she wants to be with you or not. You might get confused with mixed signals. Still, you should know about these signs, which express a lot of things essential for your relationship:-

  • She does not bother about your well-being.
  • She will resist doing anything for you.
  • She doesn’t include you in her future plans and mostly talks about someone else.
  • She starts considering you her friend.
  • She isn’t jealous anymore.
  • She avoids being intimate or hanging out with you.
  • She tries to hide her relationship from her friend.

To see if these tips work, I asked certified sex educator and love sex coach Suzanne Weiss about when it becomes clear that a relationship needs to end:

It is wise to break up with a partner if you notice that the relationship has become toxic. Signs of a toxic relationship include your partner manipulating you, being hyper-critical of you, or acting possessive or controlling.

If the issue is minor (that is, it falls short of serious abuse), you can bring it up with your partner and see if they’re able to make changes. But if you’ve already brought something up multiple times and it’s still not changing, breaking up may be a better option than sticking around and waiting for your partner to make changes that they will never make.

Anger and resentment are signs that either something needs to be resolved or a breakup is called for. If your partner does something to upset you, they should immediately apologize and take corrective action.

If this doesn’t happen — or if their apologies are incomplete — things can start to fester and fester until you’re constantly angry with them, which isn’t fair to you or them. Perhaps they’re not changing because the thing you want to change is core to who they are, and they’re better off finding someone who can deal with it.

Another reason to break up is incompatibility. You could both be good people, but something is missing. Maybe you don’t really understand each other and can’t have great conversations. Maybe you are bored of each other.

Perhaps you want different things out of a relationship: For example, sometimes, if one person wants kids and the other doesn’t, the relationship can continue to a point — until one person grows increasingly anxious about whether they’ll be able to have kids while they’re able to.

Some people are meant to be together for a season rather than for life, and if you know you’re incompatible but want to stay together, for now, that’s OK if it’s a conscious choice for both of you — but not if it’s causing either of you stresses or anxiety. If you’re eager to find someone whose personality, goals, and interests match up with yours, set your partner free to do the same.»

3 Steps You Can Take When a Relationship Is Over

Breaking up with partners fills the mind with bad feelings, anger, depression, denial, bargaining, acceptance, and many more. After finding ways how to end a relationship, you need to take a break from all these and try out these steps suggested by relationship experts:-

1. Don’t stay as a friend

Breakup is painful, and you need time to grieve. But even to be emotionally attached, don’t be his/her friend. Consider deleting your partner’s memories.

2. Time to rebuild your self-esteem

No matter what is in your future, your self-esteem is more important. Just focus on what matters to you.

3. Visit new places

couple travelling

Visiting new sites is one of the best alternatives to erase your painful memories. New sites will wipe off the memories of those places you have visited with your partner.


When things don’t work out in a relationship, the first question is what the relationship means to each of you. There are uncountable indications of whether your partner wants to be with you or not. Casually dating doesn’t always mean your relationship is going to work out.

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