How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Whether in person or over text, it can seem impossible to tell when a girl likes you.

And if you’re also into her, you want to make sure you’re reading the signs right.

So that’s why it’s important to know the most common signs that a girl likes you.

A guy holding the hand of a girl she likes

#1. She doesn’t hesitate to say yes when you ask her to hang out

A woman who genuinely likes you makes an effort to hang out when you ask.

And if she does have something planned, and can’t hang out, she’ll try to reschedule.

And the reason why makes sense: A woman who likes you will genuinely want to spend her time with you.

#2. She’s told her friends about you

Women love talking about their crush to their friends.

And if she’s talking about you to them, you know she’s at least thinking about you.

Now usually she’ll accidentally tell you she’s been doing it.

She may say something like: I told my roommate how you’ve never seen Jurassic Park. She couldn’t believe it either!

Man telling someone that a girl likes you

#3. She does specific things when you’re in a group setting

When you first start hanging out, it will probably be in a group.

And if she’s interested in you, she’ll likely do one of a couple of things:

  1. Frequently look at you
  2. Sit close enough that the two of you can talk

Either sign is a good indication that she may be trying to get to know you better.

#4. She initiates physical touch when you’re in public

When you first see each other, pay attention to how she greets you.

Is it an awkward wave?

A high five?

A side hug?

Each of those greetings may signify she still wants to keep you at a distance.

That’s because if a girl feels comfortable with you, her greetings will break the touch barrier.

And the most common way she’ll do that is by greeting you with a sincere hug.

#5. Conversations between the two of you seem effortless

If when you’re hanging out it seems like time is flying by, and you’re not running out of things to talk about, that’s a telltale sign of chemistry and a great indicator that she definitely likes you.

man and women who like each other together

#6. You’re starting to see her dorky side

If a woman is totally comfortable around you, she’ll let you see her quirks or other embarrassing personality traits.

This usually means she trusts you enough to be open around you, and trust is one of the biggest signs that she really likes you.

#7. She has openly told you some personal things about her life

As the two of you hang out more, your conversations will go past the surface level, and on to more personal topics.

For example: If she’s revealing her biggest dreams – and not just her favorite movies, that’s another great sign that you’ve built a lot of trust with her.

#8. She’s mentioned future events she wants to go to with you

Nothing says a girl likes you more than her making future plans with you.

Whether it’s a wedding or a movie she wants you there for, A clear desire to hang out in the future means she probably likes you now.

#9. She wants you to meet her roommates and friends

One big step for a woman in a relationship and a classic sign that she really likes you is the willingness to introduce you to her friends.

Most women won’t date a guy who hasn’t been approved by her friends.

So the fact that she wants to show you off, means she’s confident they’ll like you and

she wants to keep you around for a while.

#10. She’s fully present when she’s with you

One big thing to look out for is the number of times she checks Facebook, sends texts, or makes calls while she’s with

As always, there are exceptions, but generally, if she’s more focused on you than her phone, that’s a positive sign that you do a great job of really holding her interest.

#11. She wants to hang out one-on-one

It’s usually during a one-on-one time that relationships move to the next level.

It’s the time when more personal conversations or even a kiss might happen and usually signifies that you are well on your way to being more than just friends.

According to Pew Research, 41% of young adults in serious relationships report feeling closer to their partner because of technology.

For that reason, it’s important to also know the digital signs that she may like you.

So here are 6 digital signs that you should look for to know when a girl likes you.

#1. The two of you text at least every other day

Determining somebody’s mood, let alone their interest in you, can be pretty difficult over text.

So if you’re trying to figure out if a girl likes you, but you haven’t spent much time with her in person yet, start by looking at your texts with her.

If the two of you have been texting back and forth pretty regularly, that probably means she wants to see more
texts come in from you.

#2. She doesn’t respond with one-word texts

If your texts are being met with nothing but one-word responses, it may be because she’s hoping you’ll stop

But on the other hand, if she asks questions and keeps the conversation going, then that’s probably because she wants to see more of what you have to say.

#3. She initiates texting

If she’s not only responding to your texts but is also consistently initiating conversations on her own, that’s a pretty good sign you’re on her mind and that she wants to be in contact with you.

#4. She posts pictures of you together on social media

If she is broadcasting the two of you on social media by posting pictures of just the two of you hanging out together, That’s a great sign and means she doesn’t mind if people know the two of you are spending time together.

Guy sitting with a girl she likes who is posting pictures on Facebook

#5. She posts or tags you in things she thinks you’ll like

One way to know she’s really thinking about you is if she’s posting things on your channels that she thinks you’ll be interested in.

The reason this one could be important is that it shows she’s starting to pay attention to the things you like… and that’s always a great sign.

#6. The two of you have no problem talking on the phone for a while

If every time you call, she seems excited to talk, and it seems like you effortlessly flow through a conversation with each other It’s pretty safe to say the two of you have a strong connection.

How many of the signs should you look for to know if a girl likes you?

Men and women are more similar than you might think at the beginning of a relationship.

Most of the same things you look for, she is probably looking too.

And while there’s no hard and fast rule, if a girl shows:

Five or more of these signs, it’s likely she’s interested in pursuing a relationship with you.

Three or four, she’s definitely showing some interest, but things may need more time.

One or two isn’t enough to tell if she likes you, but it definitely doesn’t mean the door is closed.

So if you like her, just relax, be patient and wait for her to show you the signs you’ll know to look out for.

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