How To Grill Like A Pro

You cannot talk of a backyard party without mentioning the grilling process. These two go hand in hand. Some barbecued meats and charred vegetables here and there, and everyone would leave the party talking about how great the food was.

However, with grilling, things can also go wrong. Just because you were using the best grill and got the best meat cuts does not automatically mean your food will come out well. Sometimes people burn food, and other times, the food is not well cooked. To earn that title of grill master, here are some helpful tips you will have to remember.

Start With a Clean Grill

This is the number one rule in grilling 101. Never prepare your food on a messy grill. It is the same way you cannot use a dirty pan for cooking. Since you will be placing your food on the grill, you need a clean surface.

This will prevent whatever you are cooking from sticking to the grill. Another reason to use a clean grill is that you do not want to mix flavors with whatever was left behind. Plus, the cleaner your grill is, the easier it will be for heat to penetrate to the food. For proper grill maintenance, you need to clean it once you are done. The food has not stuck, so cleaning is more manageable. If you do not clean, then, before you start cooking, heat up your grill and clean with a sturdy brush. If you do not have a grill brush, ball up foil paper and clean the grill.

Get All Your Grilling Tools Ready

Before you start grilling, assemble all your tools depending on what you are cooking. But here are the basic tools that most people need.

  • Long-handled spatula: Spatulas come in handy in flipping fish fillets, burgers, or any other delicate food in need of a swift flip.
  • Tongs: These are a necessary tool for grilling and can be used on a variety of foods like thick steak or thin asparagus.
  • Meat thermometer: A meat thermometer will help you check whether the meat is ready and safe to eat.
  • Grill Mitts: Mitts are for your safety to prevent any grilling accidents.
  • Basting brush: If you are going to flavor your food using marinades or sauces, you will need a basting brush
  • Skewers: Skewers can either be metal or wooden, and they are very affordable.


Prepare Your Ingredients

At times, maybe you just want to season your steak with salt and pepper. Other times you want to use marinades, brines, or rubs on your chicken. Whichever technique you are using, ensure that all your ingredients are ready. There is no point in running to the house every now and then because you forgot something. On top of that, meat needs to be at room temperature before you start grilling for it to cook nicely.

Ensure the Grill is Hot

Allow the grill to get hot before placing the food. It gives your food some wonderful sear marks, plus it also prevents the food from sticking to the pan. It usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to heat up the grill. You should also do it with the lid closed so that it heats up quickly.

Grease the Grill

A common mistake people make when grilling is placing the food on the grate without applying some grease first. The result is meat sticking to the grate. This is often seen with chicken, where the skin is left on the grill. A clean, hot, and greased grill before cooking makes your work easier.

Create Grilling Zones

Grilling experts recommend using the 2-Zone setup technique before you start grilling. This simply means you set up your grill in a way that one side receives direct heat and the other one receives indirect heat. You might also want to consider pellets grills that are big enough, allowing you to create three zones for hot, medium, and low heat.

Do Not Put Too Much Food on The Grill

Cooking too many items simultaneously might not lead to good results. And if your meat starts dripping some fatty juices, you risk flare-ups. Plus, a lot of food on the grill will reduce the heat on the grates. That means your meat will steam, which is likely to remove those grill marks you desire. If you do not have a grill big enough to accommodate the amount of food you are cooking, then cook in stages.

Avoid Moving the Food Around

Most of the food on the grill will only need to be flipped once. There is no point in moving the food many times as that only increases the cooking time and can also lead to uneven cooking. Keep the lead closed as the food cooks to keep the temperature inside hot enough and speed up the cooking time.

Grilling is not a hard task. With the tips and tricks mentioned above, your grilling session will be smooth, and you will end up with amazing food.

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