How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone: Friend To Lover

How do I get out of the friend zone?

A definitive girl magnet’s guide to never be in the friend zone again.

Step 1: Don’t get into the friend zone.

This probably goes without saying but a lot of guys I know get themselves into the friend zone time after time and never learn from their mistake.

The easiest way to avoid the friend zone is to establish whether or not you will ever want to be intimately involved with a girl.

If I don’t ever want to date a girl I meet, then I will just treat them like any other friend and that’s it.

If I potentially want to get with a girl I meet then I won’t treat her like a friend and hang out with her all the time without making a move and then go on the internet complaining about why I’m in the friend zone.

The point I’m making is if you want to get with a girl, then ACTUALLY treat her that way by playful touching, flirting, teasing, making moves on her, etc.

You treat girls you don’t like differently than girls you want to get with right?

At least I hope you do.

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It’s always super important to make sure you set the tone for how your relationships/interactions with a girl are going to be from the start.

NOT doing this is why guys get friend-zoned because they act too nice and don’t set the flirtatious tone that you need to establish with a girl you like.

Otherwise, she’ll just write you off as a friend and won’t think of you in a boyfriend’s way.

In short, if you wanna get with a girl, go on dates with her, make a move on her, flirt, etc. from the start.

I have some advanced tips for you girl magnets out there on how to keep a girl interested in you for a long time without making a real move on her.

friend zone danger warning

Now if you’re already in the friend zone it’s typically impossible to get out but sometimes it can happen if you use
which means you have to drastically change the way she thinks of you.

If she already wrote you off as a friend and not a potential partner haha, then you have to chip away at that friend label by doing things.

Like treating her differently, giving her less attention to making her chase you, dressing better, being flirtatious with her, you get the idea.

This typically works best after you take a break from seeing/talking to the girl.

This works ideally if you have a vacation or something like that.

Essentially you want to go from being this guy to this guy.

Other ways you can become like that perfect specimen of a man is dating another girl to make her jealous and make you look like the hottest kid on the block, throw a dope Project X type party, get a really cool job, get really
jacked, become captain of the football team, and stuff like that.

Pretty much do something noticeably different that’ll make her look at you differently.

Now as a disclaimer, you shouldn’t go try out for the football team to impress a girl if you hate football.

All I’m saying is get noticeably or get noticed for something that YOU like doing.

NEVER under any circumstances do stuff you hate to impress a girl, it actually makes her think of less of you because you let her walk all over you.

That’s it, now you know how to get out of the friend zone.

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