How To Get A Girl To Sleep With You

First of all, let’s make one thing really clear it’s not about getting a girl to sleep with you it’s about creating an environment and an opportunity where she wants to have sex with you.  It’s never about getting anything from the woman it’s about her wanting it.

There are five prerequisites for her wanting to sleep with you and the first four are pretty obvious.

Get A Girl To Sleep With you
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1. She needs to be attracted to you

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to look like Brad Pitt. In fact, it doesn’t have to be based on the attraction at all but she needs to feel desire towards you.

2. She needs to feel safe

I mean she can’t think you’re a serial killer who’s going to murder her.

3. You need to physically escalate

I mean you need to touch her at some point if you’re going to sleep with her and touching actually releases oxytocin
which is a hormone that’s also released during orgasm so don’t forget to touch her.

4. You need to be in a place where sex can actually happen

Like a bedroom or an airplane bathroom or a broom closet.

There’s a fifth step that most guys miss and it’s really really important.

5. Judgment

You see even if a woman really really likes you she may not sleep with you because she’s afraid of being judged. But who would judge her? Well, she might be afraid of her friends judging her, she might be afraid of you judging her, or she might even be afraid of judging herself.

I know as guys this seems crazy. We want to tell our friends afterward and we’re proud of ourselves this is where men and women are different. Women are actually concerned about these things.

How to deal with her friends

You need to make sure you manage the logistics so that her friends don’t know that she’s going home with you. Just tell them something innocent like you’re going to walk her to her car or something like that. When they’re not looking get the hell out of there.

But what if you have a lot of mutual friends and she might be afraid that you’re gonna tell all of them. Well just use a story that illustrates how you don’t kiss and tell you could say something like “yeah this girl I dated one time she told everybody that we hooked up I was so pissed”. But make sure it’s a true story.

What if her friends aren’t even there?

Well then move on who cares.

She might be afraid that you are going to judge her if she sleeps with you too quickly

Don’t do that. Never judge a woman for being sexual. That’s just incredibly lame. You can explain to her how you really like sexually liberated women that go for what they want.

You can talk about how you don’t think it’s fair that a guy can sleep with lots and lots of women and he’s like a sexual superstar but if a girl does that she’s a whore. Get passionate when you say it to show her that you really mean it. Get upon your chair and say it’s not fair.

Dealing with her own judgment towards herself

Just talk about how women are sexual creatures and even more sexual than men. I mean think about it women can have more orgasms than a man. They can have different types of orgasms and they have like twice as many nerves in their fun parts as a man does.

So yeah women are definitely more sexual than men. I agree a woman will see that and be like wow I guess that’s true.

Throw in these remarks somewhere in the middle of the conversation throughout the dates and she’ll be less likely to put on the brakes which means maybe you will get your girl to sleep with you.

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