How To Find The Right Paternity Testing Facility

On deciding to obtain a DNA test, you can find an overwhelming number of laboratories and re-sellers.

Also, remember that the internet has lots of dishonest websites claiming to offer the service. Although some may look legitimate, they will conduct a fake test and provide unreliable results.

The problem is common in the industry since most people do not know what to look for in a testing site or facility. To help protect yourself from dishonest facilities, you should make the following consideration for your paternity test.

Paternity Testing Near You

It is advisable to look for facilities near you so you wouldn’t waste time and energy with your family to the facility. It would be easier to look for these facilities online and identify the one that fits your preferences. Or you can click here to find if the facility is near your house.

Paternity Testing Facility

Find Accredited Facilities

The relevant authority should accredit paternity laboratories performing DNA tests. For instance, all U.S laboratories must obtain accreditation from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). However, only the state of New York has agencies to oversee such laboratories.

Therefore, it would be easy to find local businesses holding themselves as paternity laboratories in many jurisdictions. Ensuring that the laboratory you choose is AABB accredited will provide some assurance that your test is done correctly.

But if the laboratory is not accredited, you have no guarantee that the test will be done correctly or they are doing any test at all.

So Is That All?

Choosing an accredited laboratory should not guarantee you that you are going to get the correct paternity results. Most laboratories know that a paternity test’s minimum requirements may not be sufficient but carry on with the testing.

This practice could lead to incorrect results, but it would be impossible for you to realize it. This informs you of the need to understand how you can protect yourself from dishonest businesses and choose one with the highest probability of following the right procedure. Fortunately, there is no mush that you are required to do to find out most of what you are looking for.

The Number of Locations That the Facility Includes In the Initial Test

In a paternity test, the more DNA locations used, the higher the chances of getting correct results. In this case, the most reliable standard test involves sixteen locations with one of the genetic markers testing for the gender of the person giving the sample.

The other fifteen markers are used to determine the paternity test. Note that you will not be needed to pay more just for requesting more markers so you should avoid laboratories using fewer markers when you have an option of using sixteen

The Laboratory’s Minimum Guarantee Level Of Testing

According to AABB requirements, a laboratory should keep testing until they acquire a 99% probability of testing. Therefore, this should be your goal, and don’t settle for less even if you do not include the child’s mother.

Paternity tests are important for your peace of mind and settling disputes. Choosing the best facility will also require you to be critical as the results are to you. Make the highlighted considerations when you are choosing your preferred facility to avoid disappointments and doubts.

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