How to Find The Right Parts For Your Car

You can love your car, whether you kick it and curse it some days for not running the way that it should, you can love your car. But what do you do if it keeps breaking down and you can’t find the parts for it? Does that mean you have to park your old vintage car in the garage and leave it there? Of course not.

Rebuilding an old car, especially one that’s been handed down for years through your family, is a pleasure. It can also be a privilege especially if the car is vintage. You may have seen those classic SL roadsters out there or a candy red 64 Impala, and you’ll know that that car has been pulled down And rebuilt to look beautiful. There is a charm to classic cars, and companies such as Automotive Stuff out there providing parts for those cars that are just not on the road anymore.

Parts are not the easiest to a source with classic cars, and finding good working parts for restoration is not easy. However, we believe that there’s always a possibility here so we’ve put together a list of places you can get parts for your car if you’re looking.

  1. Head to a dedicated dealer. Restoring a classic car isn’t something that happens overnight because you’ve got to try and find all of the parts. This can take some time and that means approaching different dedicated dealers so that you don’t have to worry about it because you already know that the experts are on hand to help you with finding the things that you need. If you’re restoring a good classic, going to a specialist can help because you’re not going to be given something that was meant for another build and it won’t fit your car.
  2. Head to the junk yards. They might get a bit of a bad reputation, but most secondhand sellers and the aftermarket still used junkyards to find the right parts and resell them. Think about it, if classic cars are being scrapped every year, then there’s always going to be somebody who strips those down from the junk yards just to be able to find the correct parts. You might not be able to find everything online, and it may not even be an official spot, but the chances are that you’ll be able to find something in the junkyard and buff it parts junkyard
  3. Have you considered resto mods? It’s a controversial move if you’re a car enthusiast, but classic cars are generally such prized possessions so people want to keep them as original as humanly possible. Consulting a specialist will help you to outfit portions of your vehicle with more modern parts so that it can perform better. This will really depend on whether or not you are looking to go with a completely original look or not.
  4. Start networking. Does every chance you already know somebody who’s going to be able to help you to source the parts that you need for your car? Not only will you be able to build better relationships and connections in the car world, but you’ll also be able to make sure that you have a go the next time you need parts for your car that you’re trying to restore. Even if you don’t know somebody directly, there will always be somebody there who knows. It’s how connections are made.

Restoring a classic car takes time so make sure that you dedicate the right amount of time to sourcing those parts!

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