How to Find the Perfect Gift

Gift-gifting should be a special and rewarding experience, but often it’s coupled with the burdens of worry regarding whether they’re going to like it and how much to spend within your gift-buying budget.

Finding the perfect gift, no matter the occasion or recipient can be a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

Here is a guide for finding the perfect gift.

Plan in Advance

You aren’t going to find the perfect gift easily if you leave all your gift shopping last minute. It just makes it more likely that you will make an impulsive purchase in desperation. The perfect gift may take time, planning, and research, but as long as you give yourself enough time for the event’s date, you’ll make it more likely that you’ll be able to find the perfect item.

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The Perfect Gift Doesn’t Have to Be an Item

Gifts can be events or experiences, too. You can always think about taking a trip together or paying for the recipient to take a trip. You may want to book tickets to an event, like a musical or show, or maybe even pay for a special dinner.

To make sure these events or experiences are the right ones, think in detail about the type of things the recipient likes or enjoys. Have they ever mentioned a show they would absolutely love to see? Do they always complain about never being able to eat out in a specific restaurant? Are they really in need of a weekend break after a stressful time?

To make it perfect, be mindful of their wants, tastes, and needs.

Consider Personalization

Personalization can easily turn a generic gift into something more special. The gift itself can be the unique, personal spin you put on an item or the personalized message you include for the occasion.

Personalization can be done in many ways. You may want to have messages or names engraved on items or have messages printed on fabrics. Special photos can also be a great way to personalize items, like a photo mug or photo cushion with special mother and baby shots to make perfect Mother’s Day gifts, for example.

Make a List of Personality Traits

Sit down and brainstorm some ideas about the type of person they are. Are they introverted? Do they love films or books? Are they highly social, or perhaps a gym-addict? Once you’ve made a list of all their key interests, you can begin linking them to the right gifts. You could research perfect gifts for book-lovers, the best active gear or smart tech for fitness, or anything which aligns with their interests.

Look into What They Already Have

This may take a little snooping, detective work, or social media stalking, but this is an important step for two reasons. The first is that it ensures you don’t get a gift they already have. The second reason is that it will give you inspiration from what they already like and what you can build upon. If you can see they are a big fan of jewelry, for instance, but have all their jewelry strewn on the side, would they love a jewelry box Or perhaps a new piece like a nice rose gold star bracelet.

This step helps you to better understand their existing tastes.

Following these steps can help you to learn more about the recipient and think more deeply about your perfect gift options.

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