How To Earn Cash For Scrap Metal?

No wonder, you can get cash from re-using and re-cycling various products like- newspapers, clothes, plastic bottles, and a lot more. Scrap metal can also be recycled and it is a big business. However, the business is less popular.

It helps to reduce total ore mining worldwide. A majority of times, metals like iron, brass, aluminum, and copper are dumbed because citizens don’t have sufficient recycling knowledge. Here we discuss everything about earning cash for scrap metal.

Different types of metals and their worth-

Each metal’s worth is different from the other. So, it’s essential to know their value before recycling.

  • Copper- It looks reddish in a good condition whereas, becomes dark brown when it is worn out. Copper is the most common metal find inside the air conditioner, plumbing pipes, and many more. As compared to other recycling metals, copper has the most valuable worth.
  • Aluminum – It is the most common item brought for recycling. The metal can be recycled and reused but it doesn’t have much worth.
  • Brass- It is yellowish and a bit heavier than other metals. Their price is average and can be found in items like- bathroom fixtures, door handles, and keys.
  • Steel- This metal is commonly found worldwide. Moreover, in cabinets, chairs, tables, shelves, etc. You can melt down steel and reuse it, again and again, various times.

Cash For Scrap Metal

Reasons to recycle scrap metals and their role in reducing greenhouse gases-

Recycling scrap metals is essential to reduce the harmfulness of the environment. Due to the following reasons, it comes to the forefront.

  • Recycling metals for the environment- You can make this universe a better place by recycling scrap metal. A person can underground his old wires and earn from them.
  • The impact on the climate- Greenhouse gases traps heat in the environment. Nevertheless, a single person can’t change the temperature of the planet. For positive effects, a collective effort from cities, states, and countries is essential.

Recycling scrap metals are essential to reduce greenhouse gases.

7 most profitable items to scrap for cash-

Can you turn a pile of scrap into a nice profit? Yes, it is a big business. The market for scrap metal recycling is rapidly expanding. Moreover, in 2021 it is expected to hit an increase of 3.2% from last year.

  1. Copper- This metal provides you the biggest profits. There are plenty of things to scrap in the house. So, don’t throw away the Christmas electric wiring, lights, and circuits that no longer work. For-profits, collect enough electric wiring and take it to scrap yards to earn cash for scrap metal.
  2. Brass- This non-ferrous metal can give you big profits. They are found in keys or light fixtures.
  3. Aluminum- Aluminum cans are used daily. Think twice before throwing that soft drink cans in the dustbin. Collect them and receive approx. 0.25 pounds from the scrap yard.
  4. Iron- This ferrous metal will get you the most money. Cast iron can give approx. $103 per ton and light iron will give you $78 per ton. It is available in household appliances like washing machines, lawn furniture, etc. To take this to the scrapyard you will need to borrow a truck or a van.
  5. Stainless steel- It offers you the lowest return per pound. They can be found in various appliances.
  6. Computer-parts- Do you have an old computer just collecting dust? If yes, congrats, you can take the parts to the scrap yard for some cash.
  7. Car parts- You can earn a hundred dollars from your beaten-up car just sitting in your driveaway and collecting dust.

Note- Check for construction sites to ask for any leftover materials.

Benefits of recycling scrap metal-

Recycling is very important to earn cash for scrap metal. Have a look at its 3 major benefits.

  • Reduces the mining demand- The mining process is done to extract raw materials from the earth. It releases radioactive rocks, metallic dust, toxic compounds, and more. After mining the area continues to decay.

It can’t be shut down because it provides everything required to survive. So, recycling is a great solution for less mining. Consequently, it leads to less impact on the environment.

  • Conserve natural resources and energy- The recently extracted metals are carefully processed before launching them in the market. So recycling and re-using the metals conserves the environment.
  • Boosts the economy- Recycling metals have a great impact on the country’s economy. Acc. to 2010 records, the recycling industry had generated more than $64 million. The more you sell, the more you will cash for scrap metal.

Basics of cash for scrap metal-

By recycling and reusing the products like a newspaper, we can save our environment. Moreover, it also helps to reduce ore mining worldwide.

  • Make money by scrap metal recycling-

What are scrap yards? They take scrap metals and give cash in exchange. They mainly deal with industrial customers that regularly deal with various metals. Construction companies can have a wide number of steel bars, plumbers can have cropper piping, and old brass fixtures.

On the same token, electricians have electric equipment and old wires. Besides industrial customers, they also accept the metals from homeowners.

  • Magnets are used to evaluate the metal value-

Before recycling metal, you must differentiate the non-ferrous and ferrous metal. Using a magnet is the most common way for this task.

If you have ferrous metals like (iron or steel) they will stick to the magnet when brought near it. The yards accept them and pay cash for your scrap metal.

Contrary to it, non-ferrous metals like (brass, aluminum, stainless-steel) do not attach to the magnet. However, they also offer you a great amount of money

Note- It is recommended to check which metal the yard accepts for recycling. Some yards come to your home to collect metals and some don’t offer this facility.


Recycling scrap metal is very essential today. So, discuss the cash for scrap metal before giving your product for recycling.

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