How To Design A Sports Team Shirt

Whether you belong to a sports team or are currently planning to recruit members to form one, being able to play sports with your co-players is a great way to stay fit and socialize. Playing sports with people who share the same passion and interest as you have many benefits. Even if you’re not playing as professionals, you need to create a unique sports team shirt for everyone.

A sports team shirt can be easy to prepare if you know the right points. The key is to learn the essential components that need to be printed on it. There’s no need to overcrowd it with all the details, which can only be perceived as a distraction.

If you’re looking to produce your next sports team shirts, here are some pieces of advice to help you come up with the best design:

  1. Decide On The Right Print Size

When it comes to designing a sports team shirt, many people prioritize the print size. For this, you have the pros to rely on. In fact, silkscreen printing companies can come up with the best screen printing quality for your needs. However, you need to choose the right print size before approaching them. While some teams go for the standard print size, this may not be suitable for your team’s sports shirt design. There are instances when the standard size is actually too large or too small for your design.

It’d be best to customize and correctly measure the size of the design. And, depending on the components of your design, whether it comes with shapes, logos, or prints, the size should be appropriate when placed on the shirt. Hence, it’s essential to consider the space available for printing.

Furthermore, remember that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. For instance, shirts with smaller sizes should also have smaller sizes of prints. Also, when deciding on the design size, ensure that it won’t disrupt the comfort features of the shirt. Huge prints can thicken the shirt’s material, making it uncomfortable to wear. So, you’re more likely to get people to wear the team shirts if you keep the print size appropriate for each one.

  1. Select The Best Color

sports shirt

Just like shopping for any apparel, the first usual thing people pay attention to when mulling over a sports team shirt is the color. This would serve as the dominant color of the shirt that you’ll be printing the design on. When selecting one, of course, it’s a no-brainer to pick a color that’s similar to those other teams.

More than anything else, the color you choose should represent your team, so this is something that all the members should decide on. Choose a color that showcases the meaning or personality of the whole team. In line with this, you may consider researching color symbolisms to make sure you all make the right and best choice.

  1. Ensure Image Quality

Aside from the print design size, the quality of the print is also crucial. Upon coming up with the design, ensure to submit high-resolution images. This allows your hired service provider to print them in the best quality possible.

A 200-dpi resolution or higher would be ideal for the Shirt design. And, make sure to have the images altered before you submit them for printing, especially if they’re just grabbed from the Internet.

A high-quality image is a key to a clear print, so make sure you start with the one that’s clear enough. High-resolution scanning is the best way to get the best results. Also, attempt to find the original if the copy has been resized.

  1. Use The Right Font Style And Size

Aside from the images, your sports team shirts would look best if the team’s name is properly displayed on them. The key here is to use the correct font type and size. Choosing a font that’s easily readable from a distance is best. Your graphic artist can advise you on the appropriate font designs for your sports team shirts. They can also ensure proper letter spacing and proper placement of the texts.

You’re able to make a big and impactful statement with the right font choice. The right message is conveyed in an effective manner, and feelings may be revoked, even if they’re unintentional.


By considering the tips enumerated above, you’ll be able to come up with the best design for your sports team’s shirts. These should be something all members can rock confidently—not just aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable to wear since you guys will be up for some strenuous activities.

You ought to choose a breathable shirt material, as well as a color that genuinely represents the vibe of the whole team. Also, keep in mind to choose the right image and font size, and make sure to use high-resolution images only.

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