How To Deal With Heartbreak

It was a beautiful day when it all started, with just a small meeting.

I fell in love with him blindly and I really don’t know it’s happening to me because it all happened so fast!

I was so confused, depressed, and even taking pills to cure my depression.

With a sudden change, he came into my life. I eventually started talking to him after he was playing games with his friends.

This all happened throughout the summers, eventually, his office works started.

We started to chat for months and we clicked.

Moreso, I started believing that I am the luckiest girl ever who met her true love in the mean of blessing from god.

I believed him and the one major thing is that I trust him blindly and he doesn’t know about that.

He is living in another world. Sometimes thinking of shit makes him sad and doubtful.

Meanwhile, more possessiveness can lead to harm in our relationship.

Possessiveness doesn’t mean being insecure. His possessiveness was different just because he wants to be with me.

He doesn’t want to end up everything.

But who knows destiny has different plans for us.

He got hints and told me That you started to going lose on me one day !!

Sounds hurt !!

I cried a lot but deep aside he was worried!

He didn’t mean those words, he was sad !! He wants to say many things but he stops himself !!

He suddenly calls me and wants to make things right.

My heartbrokenness lasts for many days and I wouldn’t subside. I tried everything.

I drank alcohol however, with one promise I stopped alcohol and everything.

I made every necessary sacrifice in order to become the best human in his life.

During his talks, I was thinking about him but still, the madness from my past was still inside of me present.

My perception of reality has broken down second by second.

This time I am beyond my depression and suicidal thoughts.

I am now emotionally dead, all means nothing now. I am a victim of my past.

Additionally, I am trying to transcend my past and become the person I wish I could.

But I cannot move on Until he came back. I love him insanely !!

Unfortunately, he said he told me his feelings and I had a doubt that you have something in your mind and you haven’t discussed yet !!

From the very first day, our protocols towards each other were clear.


He told me that why we are together?  We are not serious? Isn’t it? Sounds terrible !! Ignore !!

I told him exactly what I feel about him.

Everyday saving our bond. But I am broken from inside. He was shocked. I felt really guilty.

What should I say ?? I couldn’t understand it because it happened so fast.

I did not prepare for this. I closed my eyes and cried a lot.

My feelings for him will not change! I will accept his rejection. ( this is what I think)

Meanwhile, he laughed and said I told you !! I love you a lot !!

He smiled and said I will never leave you. You are my precious – his words.


How To deal with Heartbreak?

There is a fight with your true self running around in one’s mind & heart. What breaks you, motivates you !! But you always ignore that shit and rise like a bright sun.

So if you are heartbroken :

#1 Do some mental and physical therapies that help in healing.

#2 Listen to your favorite music and do some kind of workout.

#3 Keep yourself away from arguments and don’t think much.

#4 Spend time with your loved ones who make you laugh.

#5 Spend some time with old parents because they will teach you life lessons from their old staggering experience.

Hope this article might help you from healing !!

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