How To Create An LLC In Samoa

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American Samoa is quickly becoming the best place in America to create LLC businesses. Making an LLC in American Samoa is now easier than ever. The LLC Application Portal for the government of American Samoa is now online at Opening an LLC in American Samoa offers you unique tax advantages compared to locations like Delaware or Wyoming. American Samoa’s unique location and status within the United States further incentivize making an LLC here. Recent changes to the law are set to position American Samoa as a competitive location for new businesses in the coming years.

American Samoa LLC legislation

On October 23, 2018, American Samoa Governor Lolo Matalasi signed the American Samoa Limited Liability Company Act into law. The act allows both local and foreign entrepreneurs to create LLC business entities through the American Samoa Treasury Department. When signing the legislation, Governor Matalasi stated that he believed the law “will increase commerce and business in the territory as more individuals realize its benefits.”[1]

American Samoa’s Unique Location

The Samoan archipelago is divided into two administrative regions: the independent Republic of Samoa, and American Samoa, which is a territory of the United States. American Samoa is located about 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii. Its extremely remote location makes it difficult and expensive to obtain foreign goods. It has also limited the potential of the tourism sector until very recently, as the cost to travel there can be prohibitive for most. As a result, economic opportunities on the islands have generally been limited. World Travel Guide reports that roughly 50% of American Samoa’s workforce is employed by two tuna canneries. The majority of the remainder work for the American Samoa government.

A unique benefit to making an LLC in American Samoa is that the remote location all but guarantees your company will be protected from meritless lawsuits. Very few on the U.S. mainland will be willing to travel to American Samoa to appear in court.


American Samoa and the Internet

Samoanet is the only ISP in American Samoa, and as such, it serves the unique role of connecting the islands to the rest of the world. As the Internet has virtually eliminated all barriers to communication between different parts of the world, American Samoa is now a realistic destination for opening an LLC. In fact, it may be the best state to form LLCs in the country today.

By reaching out to the world’s entrepreneurs to create LLC structured businesses in American Samoa, they are taking advantage of the digital age’s instant communications capabilities and connecting the islands to the rest of the world. An international business stands to benefit from unique tax incentives, while the residents of American Samoa see their standard of living increased by higher investment and a diversified economy.

Create Your Own LLC in American Samoa

When you create LLC in American Samoa, you’re creating a business with income exempt from state and federal taxes. As a limited liability company, your personal assets are shielded from seizure by creditors. Only your Registered Agent needs to know the identities of your company partners; this information can be otherwise kept confidential. There are so many upsides to an American Samoa LLC.

[1] Samoa News, “Governor signs LLC legislation into law”

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