How To Choose The Right Gemstone For Your Wedding Ring

Astrology and astrological remedies are getting more popular amongst people who are beginning to believe in it with all their hearts!

Astrology is an ancient science based on planetary movements. These movements are then analysed for your specific horoscope and birth chart. Astrology provides several remedies based on your natal chart that is powerful.

Gemstones a popular astrological remedy or recommendation remain to be a talk amongst people of all age groups and walks of life.

These gemstones offer health, financial, mental and romantic help. With an option to buy gemstones online, these precious stones have lately, secured their position as a fashion statement, more so because of the variety being offered. The variety is therefore confusing, especially for the love birds who have to settle for a gemstone to make it official!

In this article, we will discuss the many gemstones but the best ones for your sun signs. And if you are interested, you can check Gemstones online on exclusive crystal websites such as Gempundit.

In this article, we have sorted and brought to you the most suitable gemstones as wedding rings for a couple, based on zodiac signs.

The information has been kept as it was received from experts and astrologers from the field who have recommended these wedding rings. For a detailed analysis based on your horoscope and guidance on your love affair, you can connect with us.

Let us look at the zodiacs and their preferred gemstone closely

1. Aries:

Mars is the planet that rules this fire sign. Hence, a tinch of red in anything they do will likely favour, even their wedding rings. A red coral is the most suitable ring for this zodiac sign. In fact, those experiencing difficulties in their love marriage front should also consider red coral as it will benefit the aries ascendants largely. Many mistakes a ruby stone for being a red coral stone, please visit a genuine gemstone seller for your wedding ring.

2. Taurus:

As easygoing as they are Taurus ascendants will benefit from the white diamond. The ruling planet is Venus, which represents romance and love and the attraction towards everything stylish and new. The white diamond crown ring is a perfect choice as we know irresistible it makes you! On one of the most memorable days of your life, it’s best that you wear what you love that also favours your planet and makes you feel romantic.

Gemstone wedding ring

3. Gemini:

For the twin identities, with whooping energy levels, who tends to get confused many times, it is even difficult for you to select a wedding ring that also allows you to favour your ruling planet Mercury.  Go for green, which is any way your best colour and decide on a creative shape and design that suits your creative personality. Choose a green emerald stone and shine on your big day!

4. Cancer:

Cancerians, we love. For their soothing, calming and loving energy. For their love of peace and romance, no colour is better than white. For this water sign, to keep enhancing the love and romance significantly a pearl or moti will do the charm! The shape and radiance of a diamond, however, also goes well with cancer ascendants as it resonates with their calming behaviour. The wedding stone should be studded in a silver ring as the colour and coolness of both will connect.

5. Leo:

The only zodiac to be ruled by the sun, the passionate and fiery Leos, bring equal passion in their waking romance. You look for perfect details at every step and so why should your wedding ring be any different?  A ruby gemstone is what ignites the passion in less further and strengthens your married life further. The gemstone will continue to flood your lives with constant love and improve personal bonding.

6. Virgo:

Mercury being the ruling planet, Virgo is a sign that commands the best of love and commitments and efforts from their partners. Being an earth sign, Virgo possesses grounding energies that need to be enhanced time and again. A recommendation for Virgo is to wear an emerald stone. The stone represents clarity and balancing power to balance your emotions and cut the drama from your life. A square-shaped emerald is a clear win for your wedding ring!

7. Libra:

The air sign, known for its balance in thoughts and actions, is one of the few signs who are fit to wear a diamond along with a blue sapphire in order to enhance their married life. A classic design for this ring is what will be advised to the Librans who are ruled by the planet of love, romance and class. The ring or band can be in platinum as it will go with your style as well as favour the planet.

8. Scorpio:

This is a serious and one of the most loved sun signs for its intense nature. The possessiveness and territory at heart nature make it unique as we know you are known for a non-negotiable attitude. A red coral can ensure that the bond between the two of you stays true at heart and lasts for happy and long years. Keep the lustre intact as it demonstrates your personality.

9. Sagittarius:

Jupiter is the ruling planet, your zodiac sign is all about focusing on the mind than on emotions. More true if you have begun reinventing your true self. This fire sign is intelligent even when it comes to making decisions in love life and the wedding gemstone needs to be as mindful as them! The wedding stone that suits you the best is a  Yellow Sapphire.

10. Capricorn:

The down to earth sign that is amicable yet powerful makes them attractive and passionate. To ensure a romance filled and long-lasting relationship with your partner, go for a Blue Sapphire stone as your wedding ring. You can opt for the classic shapes or round or an oval and stay confident and in style. 1

11. Aquarius:

We know that the Aquarians will want something timeless and meaningful being ruled by the planet Saturn. Decide on the design based on what fits your creativity. However, your sign will push you towards a blue sapphire or a turquoise gemstone as it will partner with your water element and give you the needed enhancement in life.

12. Pisces:

You have been dreaming about your wedding ring, we know! This classic piece of jewellery accentuates well with your water sign. Ruled by the planet Neptune, you can be picky on the style and design. Astrological recommendation for you would be the Yellow Sapphire that will perfectly match your charismatic persona and enhance your love life.  You can buy gemstone online and go with gold or gold studded with diamonds for a ring choice.

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