How To Choose A Perfect Employee Monitoring Software For A Growing Business

Building a successful business is a challenging and time-consuming process that requires all your energy and effort. This is especially true in the Post-Covid era that changed the perception of the workplace and the future of business.

Apart from tackling marketing and sales issues to ensure that your product reaches the target audience without breaking the bank, you have to maintain flawless communication with your employees, making sure that the workflow runs smoothly. At the same time, your employees who are working from home, have to be motivated and highly productive to keep the business running.

We know that all this can be overwhelming for someone running a growing business. That’s why we decided to help you choose the most effective tech solutions to keep your business thriving.

One of the advanced technological tools that can help you boost your business if implemented in the right way, is the employee monitoring system. Here are some of the crucial factors to think of when choosing the productivity tracker to meet your business needs.

Why Do You Need Employee Monitoring Software?

Before you carry on reading, try to answer this question honestly.

Employee monitoring is a touchy subject that has raised numerous controversies so far. Employees don’t feel comfortable when monitored because they feel concerned about their privacy. Furthermore, the constant feeling of control and pressure related to monitoring may interfere with their work and bring productivity down.

So you need to set clear goals and provide solid reasons for computer activity monitoring. You’ll make the most of the monitoring process if you use workforce analytics software to monitor the company’s computers during working hours only. In other words, you’ll boost productivity and overall team performance by focusing only on work-related activities.

This said, using employee monitoring software to intrude on employees’ privacy or watch their every move may easily backfire, ruining the mutual trust and bringing down your business along the way.

Once you set your business goals and priorities straight, here are some things you should pay attention to when choosing the perfect employee monitoring software for your business.

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Affordable Price

When starting a business everything revolves around the budget. You need to set up a strict budget and stick to it no matter what. This is especially true for growing businesses. This said, most of the employee monitoring software on the market offer monthly or annual subscriptions for various packages.

Pay attention to what each of these packages offers to get the best value for your money. For example, some of these tools often boost a reasonable price per user. However, this pricing may often refer to packages with limited use of some basic features, meaning that you’ll have to pay much more to use all the advanced features of the specific software that you need for your business.

On the other hand, when choosing employee monitoring software like Workpuls, you’ll get the whole package of effective features for a single price of $6.40 per user to make your productivity soar. No additional costs are needed. The competitive price with no hidden costs makes Workpuls workforce analytics software a great deal for the money.

Easy-To-Use Product

When you’re implementing new features and tools in your workflow, you want everything to be simple and easy to navigate through. This is why you should stay away from software that requires complex and lengthy installation or additional training for employees.

Effective monitoring solutions offer installation in a couple of clicks and automatic time tracking that doesn’t require additional manual action, or interfere with employees’ work.  

Also look for productivity solutions with dashboards that you can navigate easily, using the software in the best possible way.

Enhanced Safety for Personal and Company Data

We‘ve already mentioned that invasion of privacy is one of the major concerns employees have when it comes to using employee monitoring software. One way to break this prejudice about the whole process is, to be honest, and clear about the way you intend to use the productivity and time tracker.

What’s more important, make sure your employees get access to their dashboards to see what data is monitored and collected. This way they’ll know that their personal info has stayed unharmed, developing much-needed trust about your intentions and the entire monitoring process.

Always choose the software that offers numerous options to protect sensitive personal data, like disabling tracking or screenshots of specific apps and websites.

Also, look for employee monitoring software that offers on-premise hosting, enabling you to store invaluable data on your servers or private cloud. By doing this you’ll get an additional security layer to protect your data. 

Now that we’ve provided you with all the significant “whys” and “hows”, you’re ready to choose the effective employee monitoring software to boost your productivity and keep your business growing.

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