The 6 Main Steps Of How To Cancel A Timeshare Via Letter

Timeshare has left more than 80% of its customers dissatisfied with their agreements. With so many dissatisfied customers, you’d think that breaking a timeshare agreement would be straightforward. It’s not.

As you battle with charismatic salespeople to end your contract, keep in mind that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible to get out of a timeshare agreement and say goodbye to unreasonable fees for good.

If you’re ready to kick your timeshare to the curb, here is everything to know about canceling your timeshare via letter.

Want To Know How To Cancel Timeshare? Start Writing.

Before you write an entire novel on your frustrations, take a moment to think realistically about how to cancel timeshare successfully.

Step #1: Write Your Draft

Once you’ve grasped a general idea of how to begin your letter, start your first draft. Here are some helpful tips on how to get started:

  • Draft your timeshare cancellation request letter. Keep a copy for your personal records as well.
  • Find a way to write in an assertive tone without becoming so aggressive that you begin to lose your credibility and respect.
  • Make it clear that the purpose of your written request is to proceed with how to cancel the timeshare. Keep your subject line straight to the point so that the reader is aware of your reason for writing.
  • For the bulk of your letter, focus on stating and reiterating your request of wondering how to cancel the timeshare.
  • Keep the introduction brief and state your request for canceling in the first two sentences to maintain the letter’s clarity.
  • Once you’ve made it clear that you want to cancel, provide supportive information to persuade the approval for the cancellation.
  • Include key information that explains how inflexible you are to the idea of maintaining your contract.

Here is a breakdown of what to include in your timeshare letter. Follow these points to learn how to cancel timeshare successfully:

  • Your identification information
  • The timeshare title
  • The contract holder’s name
  • The number for the contract
  • The date the contract was purchased

The objective is to remain as clear as possible to keep things simple. The reader should know in blatant terms that you just want to cancel.

Step #2: Define Your Expectations

Timeshare employees will do all they can to keep you in your contract.

To fight off these attempts, demand response via certified mail within a thirty-day timeframe.

Avoid Loopholes For Lies

Send everything via certified mail to keep timeshare companies from saying they never received your letter.

For correspondence regarding the next steps of your cancellation, send these documents through certified mail as well.

What To Avoid In Your Timeshare Letter

  • Do not go on and on about your frustrations with the company. Be firm and explain that you are unhappy and are only looking to end your agreement.
  • Keep to the rule that your letter should be, at most, two paragraphs.
  • If you notice that you are repeating the same information, you’re likely writing from emotion. Come back to it later.
  • Prioritize your request and the details of that request. Delete any unnecessary information and return to writing once you’ve settled down.
  • Stay confident and direct in your request.
  • Statements like, “I was just wondering” or “Is it possible” only give the company more power to decline your request. Make it clear that you are not passive.


Step #3: Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Writing a letter to timeshare companies is the first step in understanding how to cancel a timeshare. Stay committed, and don’t let them win! Don’t give up because cancellation is possible.

Step #4: Find Professional Support

While advocating for yourself with a written timeshare cancelation request is a necessary first step, it is also important to enlist the help of trusted experts.

Find the pros who know the games timeshare companies play so you can get out of this jam faster.

As you attempt your timeshare cancellation, be aware of any cancellation penalties. These fees are not always legal to enforce, giving you more means to fight for cancelation without pushback.

Don’t fall for attempts by timeshare companies to reject or deny your request. If they start making things harder for you, this is a sign that you’re getting closer to your end goal. Keep going!

Step #5: Ask For Advice

Look online at forums to find advice from others about how to cancel a timeshare. Those who have succeeded may have additional tips and tricks to share to help you with your cancelation.

Step #6: Consider Taking Legal Action

If you have waited six months without much success, it is time to send in another request stating that you are willing to take legal action if your cancellation is not addressed.

You are well within your legal rights to demand cancellation as a dissatisfied customer. Make it clear that you are not going down without a fight.

If you continue to get no response, guess what? It is time to take legal action. You will need to decide if doing so is worth it, as this process will also cost you a lot of money.

It may take everything you’ve got but canceling a timeshare agreement is possible. Other people have done it, and you can do it too if you’re willing to be patient and take the proper steps.

Maintain Your Conviction

Writing a cancellation letter requires conviction. If you can appear unshakeable in writing, the timeshare company will ultimately fold to your demands.

It may take a lot of time before the timeshare company stops putting up a fight, but if you stay persistent, you will get what you want.

It may be challenging to end a contract, but that is typically how it goes for ANY contract.

Think about it. Have you ever terminated an apartment lease early? That same fight and back and forth process with your landlord probably took a while to resolve too.

The reality is that no one can take away your free will to make necessary changes for yourself. You will be able to cancel your timeshare with enough dedication and perseverance.

Trapping customers NEVER works in the long run!

Get Honest Feedback

Once you’ve written your letter, have someone you trust review it before sending it in the mail.

Better yet, have a trusted expert and those in your life check the letter so that you can gain honest feedback on how to cancel a timeshare.

Do not rush the process or send the letter before you feel it is perfect. You will make a much more convincing argument the more crafted and poised the letter becomes.

Know Your Rights

Remember that you are legally entitled to any information you have agreed to in your contract.

If information within your contract will assist you with how to cancel a timeshare, you are deserving of and entitled to this information.

The rescission laws about your timeshare location and the start and end of this period are all pieces of information that you are entitled to.

Do not let timeshare companies tell you they cannot locate your information. All of it is within your contract and will help you determine how to cancel the timeshare.

After you’ve mailed your letter, be prepared to wait it out. You might not hear back for months, and you may need to complete more requests and phone calls to get somewhere with the process.

Stay consistent with your attempts to contact your timeshare company. They cannot avoid you forever.

Don’t Let Timeshare Fool You

Make it clear in your letter that you are serious about learning how to cancel a timeshare and that you will not accept anything else.

Stay assertive and communicate clearly that you will not be swayed with negotiations or arguments for keeping your agreement. Make it clear that you only want to know how to cancel a timeshare.

If you speak to staff on the phone who try to persuade you to stay, cut them off and explain clearly that you are only interested in canceling your agreement.

Here’s a recap of how to use letter writing to cancel your timeshare agreement:

  • Keep your message clear from the first two sentences: you want to learn how to cancel a timeshare. That’s it!
  • Keep your content concise and straightforward
  • Involve assistance from trusted experts and others in your life
  • Be willing to wait six months for a response
  • If, as you discover how to cancel a timeshare, that taking legal action is the only way, use this as a motive to persuade the timeshare company to work with you.

If you want to know how to cancel a timeshare, it boils down to this: Don’t stop until you get what you deserve.

The Bottom Line

Canceling your timeshare is a drawn-out process. These companies want you to stay committed to them, so they don’t miss out on your hard-earned money.

Review the information in the above guide to craft an assertive letter that will assist with your cancelation. You’ve got this!

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