How To Be Romantic: The Ultimate Handbook

Romance is something difficult to write it about but it is contagious as well. I recently had an experiment on my love. My plan was simple as I am showed him, love, affection in a small and different way each day for a whole month, and see what magic happens.

Whether you were in love for the past six months, six years, or maybe for over six decades you must have come to know that relationships feel a little less glamorous than movies obviously. I believe that we all had a bad time in our relationships. Many romantic movies help a lot in romance by showing us how to fall in love again and again.

How To Be Romantic

According to me, romance is a mystery that is associated with love. Sounds weird?

Yes !! Of course, romance is a mystery along with the feeling of excitement. Being romantic is easier nowadays and because of the advancement in technology, anyone can be romantic easily. I am going to share some tips on upcoming fragments on how to be romantic.

#1 Start your day as a blessing 

You need to tell your partner that they are a blessing. Stay positive and start your day with a hug and a kiss. This will make your love feel super happy and the best thing your partner ever had.

#2 Write Something 

If your love is busy somewhere, you need to write a cute note for them. it doesn’t mean you have to write about sonnet; it’s all about the thoughts that count more.

#3 Celebrate the smallest success 

You need to celebrate the smallest success because the achievements are worth commemorating when something good happens to them. This has a more positive effect than just supporting them during periods of hardships.

#4 Talk about work

You have to share your experiences with your work with your partner and always suggest some creative ideas for your love. Make some future plans to expand your work or business.

#5 Exchange some treats 

Buy some gifts for your partner. Don’t wait for special occasions. Spend your every day wisely and embrace the cheese wisely. As I told earlier, don’t wait for the perfect occasion. Just simply if you can’t speak those love words, then help clue them in with a new unique gift.

#6 Go on long drives & dates 

Someone told me about a recently opened new coffee shop and we often went to that shop and we would usually go on long drives and enjoy the beautiful moments. Long drives and dates are a way to explore new things from your surroundings.

#7 Make them feel special 

Whenever you are out with your partner make them realize that they are the king/queen of the day. Maybe it’s all starts with a good morning text. Declare that you will dedicate a day or a few hours just your partner to do whatever they want. That’s the happiest moment ever.

#8 Show your physical affection

Always show that you love your partner mentally as well as physically. Do some daily cuddles, hold hands tightly in public as well as when you’re alone. This makes you more confident and romantic towards your partner. A surprise hug from behind and a kiss on your neck is just the biggest turn on ever and be happy that you have such a special person in life.

#9 Memory flashbacks 

As good memories are the sign of a healthy relationship so I believe that memories flashbacks are a pretty good way to be romantic. For instance, when you first kissed and hugged.

#10 Focus on your partner

Put the phone down, make eye contact, and talk about good things. Moreover, ask them about the favorite things. Taking a brief moment into this will make them feel loved and important. Additionally, if your partner has a hectic schedule ask about “how was your day“ ?.

#11 Don’t get serious 

Become a child if you have fights but an excess of everything is bad. So, try to stay calm and listen to your partner if they are angry. Don’t get serious about the things they said because one bad situation makes your bond more worse than you think.

#12 Friendly competition 

As for my and my partner, both are fitness freaks we often workout friendly competition with each other. We always make a bet that the loser has to take other partner on a coffee date.

#13 Thanking them

Don’t forget to thank your partner even for little things. It helps in resentment and increases romance and harmony because you can never go wrong with extra efforts to make your partner realize that they are special and means a lot in your life.

#14 Blindfold surprises 

Buy your partner a pretty gift and give them blindfold surprises. Moreso, drive them to the place where you first met and have that date all over again. Be lavish and romantic by doing such unexpected things.

Lastly, I would like to say that pay attention to yourself. If you’re happy then automatically your partner will be and you should always be responsive to your partner’s needs.

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