How To Be More Productive: Increase Productivity

I’m very passionate about staying productive.

Now productivity starts in the bedroom. Sleep is an incredibly important aspect of productivity.

Getting at least seven to 9 hours of sleep boosts your productivity, creativity your reaction speed.

Medical studies have proved this. Being busy is different than being productive.

A person increasing productivity by multitasking

There’s a lot of people who spend time being busy but get no work done. That’s why it’s important to stay productive so the work you do actually counts.

One of those ways is by doing a routine. I start my day with a routine I end my day with a routine.

Routines are an incredibly positive way to stay on track and be productive.

Having a morning routine, a nightly routine an exercise routine reading, eating, planning your day, having a set routine in any aspect of your life helps you be consistently efficient.

You don’t have to spend time deciding what to do since the routine is already laid out for you. You have to be comfortable

Saying No

You have to learn how to say no.

Just have to say no to your friends and family. Maybe they don’t have the same schedule as you, they don’t have the same goals as you, they’re not trying to be as productive as you.

My friend just texted me to go shopping right now but I’m doing my work.  I got to say no.

Productivity quote by Steve Jobs saying "Focusing is about saying no"

Don’t be afraid to say no at work if you feel that what you’re doing is not productive or wasteful. Don’t just continue doing it to appease someone else.

Remember time is truly the only limited resource and speaking of time, save time by multitasking.


Some common advice you’ll hear is that multitasking is bad for productivity but that’s only because people are doing it wrong.

First of all, multitask to the top of your ability. Not everybody is equally capable in this regard.

Man multitasking to improve productivity

Second of all when you do multitask make sure they’re complementary activities like walking your dog on the way to the bank while listening to a podcast.

It is really important to you have to keep your body moving if you want to be productive your brain needs it more.

Make Tech Your Friend

We live in an era where productivity is literally at your fingertips. From automating your payments to downloading apps that can help you stay more productive.

But so many of you have old technology where your screen keeps freezing your battery keeps dying and that definitely doesn’t keep you productive. So go out there buy the best technology your budget can allow.

Remember the money that you spent on improving yourself or your tech is like an investment into making you more productive.

Take A Break

Ok, let’s take a break because taking a break is part of productivity.

Burnout is a real threat to productivity, that’s why you have to make room for downtime and downtime can be as simple as taking a walk around the block, vacation, or playing video games but it has to be a 100% detachment.

It doesn’t count if you’re taking a break but constantly checking your phone.

I’m trying to be productive but I keep procrastinating.

There are really two types of procrastination active and passive.

Passive procrastinators are not productive they’re paralyzed by their indecisiveness and are unable to get their tasks done on time.

On the other hand, active procrastinators are productive. They’re not afraid to procrastinate less important tasks and prioritize more important ones. They’re comfortable working near the deadline because they work well under pressure.

Infographic showing different ways to improve productivity

Procrastination can be a great tool but you have to use it wisely like the popular quote from spider-man “with great procrastination comes great productivity”

You see what I’m doing.

Self-reflection improves your decision-making at the end of the day.

I’ll often sit down and play out the scenarios in my head of interviews, project meetings that I’ve had and try and see where I could have done something better.

Playing those scenarios in your head will allow you to make better and faster decisions next time you’re facing them.

Celebrate your accomplishments and I’m not saying go out and get drunk. I’m saying to celebrate your wins with your friends and loved ones. This is something even I’m looking to improve upon in order to continue feeding your brain with endorphins and keep it running optimally.

You need to celebrate your wins.

What You Really Want?

Figure out if you’re doing what you truly love. When you lack passion for your career it can be very hard if not impossible to stay productive.

Take some time away from work. Figure out what your true passions are so that you can stay happy.

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