How To Be More Attractive: Scientific Ways

Don’t you hate when someone gives you useless advice about how to be more attractive?

People give advice on taking a shower to look more attractive. But wait everyone takes shower every day. Where’s the advice in that? You want to know stuff that will really make you more attractive.

Here are a bunch of-of things that you aren’t already doing.

Man taking bath to be attractive

#1 Take baths with mineral salts.

Baths with mineral bath salts are actually really beneficial for cleansing your skin and leaves it soft and smooth. It even gives your skin a really healthy-looking, noticeable glow. You’ll feel that your skin will overall be a lot smoother and looked much better than it did before. Not to mention, taking baths helps relieve muscle soreness which is perfect if you work out and exercise regularly.

Now I’m not saying to stop showering and only take baths, but if you’re looking to make your skin look and feel a lot better, then definitely give it a try. Make sure to do it a couple of times each week after my showers to make sure your skin always looks on point.

Man wearing accessories to be more attractive

#2 Wear accessories

Accessories like bracelets, watches, and necklaces, all help make your outfits look a lot better. They also make you stand out from all the other guys who never bother to pay attention to the small details of the outfit. Your go-to accessories on a regular basis should be usually a couple bracelets and a watch.

If you’re not sure what you should get, start by getting a few cheap bracelets from pretty much any clothing store, and then try them out to see which ones you like, since they’re inexpensive and immediately make your outfits look better. It may sound really small and like it won’t make a difference but trust me, girls will pick up on that and it will be an advantage over most guys.

Scott Disick wearing yeezy boost to be more attractive

#3 Don’t be afraid to break the rules

Remember back in middle school when you still had to wear uniforms, the best way to stand out and be stylish was to wear a fresh pair of shoes that nobody else had.

For example, if everyone is wearing the same uniform like a polo shirt and some khakis, and there’s no variety at all, but then there’s a guy wearing a pair of Yeezy’s with it, then that guy is clearly gonna be perceived as cooler. So you can use this concept in any scenario, whether you have a uniform or not, but just adding one unusual piece to your outfit that makes you stand out from other people.

An unusual pair of shoes, a really nice watch, something in a really stand-out color, or whatever you like. You can also do this in a work environment if you’re older, for example, if you’re wearing a typical grey, navy, or black suit, you can combine it with a bold-colored button-down, or an unusual tie such as a knit tie or a bowtie. Or a nice pair of shoes or a cool watchband.

This really helps to elevate the distinctiveness of your outfit and the girls you work with will find you much more attractive by comparison. Don’t be afraid to break the rules a bit and show more of your personality through your clothing.

#4 Body language

This is probably one of the most important ones because it directly influences how a person thinks of you before you even talk to them. You should have confident body language 24/7. This means you should walk confidently, stand confidently, sit confidently, and even breathe confidently.

Here are the top three specific tips that you need to know.

  1. Your shoulders should be rolled back and upright, this will force your chest out and make it look bigger
  2.  Your chin/head should be up.
  3.  When you’re walking, you should be making eye contact with people in a mature way.

Also, if you’re standing still, you usually look more confident if you’re leaning up against something because your body takes up more space. Make sure you walk with confidence and are confident in all of your body movements. It’ll make a huge difference.

#5 Clothes

What makes you look attractive at first glance is having that aesthetic V shape, where your upper body is bigger and naturally tapers downward. That’s why when you look at statues, their bodies look perfectly proportioned It’s the same idea, except you can achieve that V-shape with the clothes you wear.

As a general rule of thumb, if you want to enhance that V shape, you should wear your clothes in a slimmer fit. So for shirts, you want them to fit snugly around the chest and arms but you want to have room in the torso area.

You should also wear straight pants and jeans because it’ll help give your body a tapered look for the lower part of your body and that’s when you’ll really start to get that V shape and look like a Greek god.

Wearing boots like chukka boots and Chelsea boots because they make you look taller and help make the outfit look a lot sleeker. But you can also go for something like Vans which looks just as good.

Another trick you can do to achieve that V-shape is to wear layers, to make your top half look bigger, and to really emphasize that tapered V look. You can do this by wearing a hoodie and a jacket, or a t-shirt under your button-downs, and so on and you will be more attractive.

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