How To Be A Good Boyfriend | 13 Mind-Blowing Tips By Girlfriends

Are you a good boyfriend?

Depending on how long you have been dating she could be ready for a greater commitment with you. But in your inquiries as to small gestures and saying she prefers authenticity in relationship. Live for her, not for you, it doesn’t mean forget about self-care of yours. Ask her every day, “What can I do to make your day better”? Even if she had a good day.

Don’t ever think about what you can get out of her, but what you have to offer that matters. Be honest and open with her. Communication is the key, so talk to her. Ask her how she’s doing every morning. And every night and what is her schedule. Do for her what you would want to be done for you, but without asking for favors in return because that sound doesn’t seem good. That’s how you be a better boyfriend.

Don’t try so hard to be someone else just be the better version of yourself, you will be rewarded by your love with joy and respect. And that will be something your partner will bring out on you. Don’t fall into the trap of having prototypes of what others see to be a good boyfriend just focus on yourself.

Also, pay attention to her and notice the little things she likes, the things that make her laugh, and try to understand her. Listen to understand not simply to respond but be yourself all the time, and let her be who she is. Love her always in all ways and accept all her flaws. Being a good boyfriend isn’t about money, it’s about your time, and the quality of the time you spend together. Ridiculous sweetness, romance, quiet stolen moments, and inside jokes. Be aware of all the things that connect you, and allow those things to become the most important part of your love.

12 Ways To Be A Better Boyfriend

#1 Don’t judge her by her past

Humans, by nature, tend to make mistakes in every phase of life and everyone has past in their life. They learn from their mistakes and don’t repeat them. If she had a terrible past, doesn’t mean she is the same at present. You should motivate her to forget her past, as she was not at fault, and do good in the present and future and give her hope.

#2 Always communicate

Ask her how was her day when she is silent and upset. Don’t make false promises which you can’t keep and try to support her. Don’t give excuses for not loving her. If you are not liking her then tell her directly but don’t backstab her or don’t waste her time.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

#3 Be clear about what you both want from the relationship

Some couples live off of constant affection like hugs, kisses, compliments, and many other things. On the other hand, some couples prefer a quieter, more subtle yet supportive pace because they believe that simply sitting next to each other in the same room reading peacefully, shared hobbies, security, and Discuss together what you both hope to share in the relationship.

#4 Show your partner that you love her

Honestly, at the end of the day for most men and women, it comes down to how you make your partner feel special. Make her feel special, cherished, adored, treasured, and loved because this is the actual way of showing love. It doesn’t have to be in the form of sappy love songs or poems but it doesn’t have to be in the form of elaborate, lavish luxury gifts also, it doesn’t have to be in the form of saying “I love you” every second of the day, although it certainly can be those things, don’t feel you need to go out of your way to show you care. If she is the right one, she will know when you show them you love them in ways that you might not even realize.

#5 Be spontaneous

You don’t want your relationship to become monotonous and predictable but do those things that she wouldn’t normally do or expect. Take her to a good place and you can go for a long drive, write her a poem, random cute things for her, keep her on her toes, and always keeps her guessing.

#6 Bring surprises in relationship time to time

Anniversaries, Birthdays, are the days that everyone loves surprises as cheesy they are, it feels nice to be loved and remembered. It doesn’t have to expensive gifts, it can be a handwritten letter or a cake. Don’t do this too often it just loses its value and makes your day more special.

#7 A little compromise always go noticed

Your style, sense of humor, likes and dislikes, there is no need to change them for another person but if “watching a movie together “brings a smile on their face try it once in a while.

#8 Cater to her

When you cook for her it relieves stress. When she gets home from work pull her legs up on your lap, cuddle her and rub her feet now and then while she talks to you and gives pleasure to her. Don’t ask her if she wants her feet rubbed, just do it. And cook for her a good meal.

#9 Spend quality time with her

Try to put your phone away on dates or at times when you can tell she needs you to be there 100% and try to ignore phone calls, texts, and whatever thing which create a disturbance. Do things that promote conversation, but also remember to have fun with ger. You don’t always have to spend money. Go to the park, take walks and long drives at night and discover new experiences together.

#10 She is your partner

Never treat her like your younger sibling who you assume won’t know about certain things, even if she doesn’t, listen to her, she will give you a different perspective and try to understand her, that is the key to be a good boyfriend. After all, if she wasn’t going to enhance your life or show you different views, and ask yourself why are you even dating her?

#11 Don’t keep any secrets from her

If you do love her you should tell everything to her, whatever it is tell her. Love is not just loving to the other person but it’s about sharing your life with her. So, if you have any problems or just what happened throughout the day, just tell her, she will understand. She will love you and NO she won’t get annoyed by it.

#12 Compliment her

This goes without saying and yet I have to say it. Girls are very insecure and it doesn’t matter how beautiful they are and how beautiful everyone finds them, they are insecure and it is your job to assure them that they are in fact, Beautiful. Compliment her by giving them a flower bouquet or by simply texting her.

I would say that know your partner first. Know them in and out and be their best friend. Listen to them carefully whenever they tell you something. Listen to the stories from their past, listen to what their favorite things were earlier and what they are now. Know their fears, beliefs, dreams, and aspirations, and everything useful for relationships.

Last but not least. The biggest thing to be a good boyfriend is

#13 “Believe”

Believe in the two of you, and your ability to fix problems and build something great together for a good relationship. And keep on pondering about such questions like what are you doing now. We all are humans, and knowingly or unknowingly, we all carry some personal baggage. We have deep-seated insecurities. We have rigid conditionings. It is part of being human. At such points, try not to lash out in the heat of the moment. Calm down. Then think. Try to learn from whatever happened. Take the hard step to be a little vulnerable and you will come out of it as a stronger couple.

Tips and Ways a girl can date a better boyfriend in a relationship

Dating women in a way that can make them feel better in a relationship is way important than you might think. You need to make sure your women feel special all the time. One should make sure that in a relationship their girl will get all their attention. One way in which you can get your girlfriend happy is to better understand what your girl wants in life and the future.

Tips on what should a boyfriend do for his girlfriend?

Get your girl presents often. Women need to know that one takes care of them. Get your girl one of the best flower bouquets.

Tips for men on dating their girlfriend

Here’re some of the top tips. Take your girl on long drives. Your girlfriend may be fed up with her daily schedule. Take care of your girlfriend. Women need rest from their daily schedules. Your girlfriend may be taking care of your food and she may be doing all the work that you need to do yourself. Follow these tips and your relationship will be lifelong.

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