How The Life Of Professional Athletes Got Effected During The Pandemic

2020 started out being yet another year in which the sports industry was ready to tear it up. With events like the Tokyo Summer Olympics as well as the usual thrilling action of all the pro sports leagues in the world, 2020 was gunning to be an epic year in sports. Then, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the plans, hopes, and aspirations went bust. While fans across the land were left without their much-beloved sports action, pro sports teams and organizations had to find a way to stop, rethink and reinvent themselves in new normality still trying to give sports betting fans what they wanted.

Now that sports have slowly returned with measures like bubbles, daily testing, and spectator restrictions, let’s talk about what the life of a pro athlete has been like during the pandemic.

2020 Was Going To Be Lit And Then It Wasn’t

The life of a pro athlete usually involves and is not limited to constant traveling, intense training in closed quarters, and relying on staying in top physical and mental health for their livelihoods. In the year 2020, a year that was poised to be a great one for the sports industry, especially with the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics coming, athletes around the world were getting ready for a year that seemed like it was going to be an intense, action ridden sports year. As soon as the Coronavirus pandemic took over the daily reality of life, everything took a turn for the truly unexpected.

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2020 was extremely disruptive to sports in general. Pro athletes saw their routines, main lines of work, and activity is either shut down completely or taken away until an answer as to how to deal with this new health pandemic in the safest way possible was found. Athletes had to go through some substantial behavior changes, including finding a way to stay in tip-top shape both physically and mentally, showing that the level of resilience and perseverance to fight through one of the most challenging periods in modern history was and still is as strong as ever.

Keeping Healthy Both Physically and Mentally Is Key

As soon as sports activities around the world were canceled in order to find the most proper ways to battle the coronavirus pandemic, finding a way for athletes to stay in their best shape both physically and mentally became key. The stoppage of sporting activities took an initial steep cost for pro athletes around the globe. It has been reported by different university studies that around 22,5% of pro athletes reported feeling down or depressed more than half of the time during this pandemic period because of the heavy COVID-19 restrictions put in place on training facilities and competitions. This marks a massive uprise in comparison to the 3,9% of athletes who reported the same struggles before the pandemic hit.

What does bring a light of hope is the resilience that athletes bring to their craft, where while being limited because of the pandemic, safe alternatives to keep practicing their sports and staying competition-ready has brought hope for what’s to come.

With physical health, the sports industry has made enormous efforts to make sure pro athletes can stay in the best competing shape. In pro sports leagues where activity has slowly come back, like football, basketball, and soccer, teams have made it a priority to keep their athletes as safe as possible with constant COVID testing, very strict health, and safety protocol practices, and a no-nonsense policy when it comes to ensuring that their athletes are safe.

The Best Is Yet To Come

With the Covid vaccine efforts already well in place in many places around the world, 2021 will serve as the first of a few comeback years in the sports industry. While thinking that normality can be achieved as early as 2021 might be a bit of a stretch, efforts will be made towards bringing back sports and in the way improving pro athletes’ conditions once again. 2021 might end up being another year of trial and error but the odds are good, very good.

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