How Sales Mapping Software Can Transform Your Sales Strategy

Sales mapping tools help you automate managing, tracking, and improving your sales territories. They also cut your team’s travel costs by generating the shortest routes between customers.

They’ll make assigning or reassigning leads, accounts, and territories easier so that each rep has a manageable workload and isn’t overwhelmed by too many new prospects and opportunities.

Optimize Your Routes

Using sales mapping software to automate your routing will cut travel costs and improve the number of clients you can see daily. With tools available, you can get started with automated route planning as low as $25 per month and see how much you can save.

Another great way to improve your sales strategy is by defining and assigning sales territories. With sales map software, you can create and assign territories based on geographic boundaries at the state, county, city, ZIP code, or district level.

This helps you clarify territory ownership, reduce overlaps, and ensure that your reps see as many prospects and customers as possible within a given time frame.

While setting your sales territories as outlined above is important, you should remember that unexpected events can impact even the best-laid plans.

That’s why it’s crucial to have sales map software that allows you to make changes on the fly, such as by rerouting visits due to traffic delays or weather conditions. In addition to allowing you to make these changes, modern sales routing software should offer other features such as client check-ins, task lists, prioritization, and automatically sent email logs.

Visualize and Analyze Your Data

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Creating a sales strategy can be complicated. Whether you’re re-organizing existing territories or looking for new ones, you want to ensure that your team is focused on the right markets.

Sales mapping software uses visualization tools to plot numeric data points on interactive maps. This makes it easier to identify patterns or trends that may be overlooked when analyzing data in a spreadsheet.

It can also help to identify growth opportunities in different geographic areas by identifying customer concentrations or gaps in your service coverage. And, with the ability to overlay additional data, such as competitor locations or market performance metrics, sales mapping software can help uncover new insights and improve your sales strategy.

Choosing the best sales mapping software solution for your business will depend on several factors, such as customizability, integrations, and route optimization capabilities. All three solutions are great for managing and reassigning sales territories, analyzing territory performance, and tracking leads and opportunities. They also offer tools for calculating travel time and mileage, automatic reminders, and generated reports.

Increase Productivity

Your team can work more efficiently when you have clearly defined sales territories. They can focus on closing deals rather than deciding how to get from meeting to appointment. Sales mapping software makes it easy to visualize sales data points on a map, which can help them identify growth opportunities and understand their competitors’ market influence more easily.

The ability to visually compare sales territories can also help you to make the most of your resources and ensure that all areas are equally distributed across your team. This can reduce travel costs and encourage your salespeople to develop stronger customer relationships in their assigned territory.

Many sales mapping software tools can provide various data visualizations and customization options to suit your team’s preferences. These can include bubble maps, heat maps, pie charts, and bar graphs. They can also be exported in various formats for use in reports and presentations. You can even customize the visual elements of your map to align with your brand and presentation needs.

Collaborate With Your Team

As your business grows, it’s important to ensure each of your sales reps has a manageable number of prospects, leads, and customers to serve. Sales mapping software is an easy way to ensure your reps are covered. With tools like route optimization and color-coded pins, you can build travel-efficient, balanced territories that align with sales objectives and motivate your team to hit their numbers.

Plotting your sales numbers on a map brings data to life and makes it easy to identify trends, spot underperforming reps, or uncover new opportunities. You can even find geographic areas that are underserved or unassigned, allowing you to target these markets and beat out competitors.

Using sales mapping software, you can also easily assign territories by geographic boundaries at the state, county, city, zip code, or radius level and create custom maps with specific customer segments. This allows you to avoid unwanted territory overlaps, maximize coverage for your top performers, and make more informed deployment decisions. You can even export lists of customers within each sales territory to target them with personalized marketing campaigns or customer service.

Reduce Travel Costs

Sales mapping software is a powerful tool for empowering your sales team to drive more sales. It can reduce travel costs by identifying the best routes for your reps and creating optimized schedules that maximize your sales opportunities. It can also help to increase productivity by allowing your reps to manage their time more effectively and meet or exceed their sales targets.

Plotting your data onto a map allows you to discover more valuable insights than simply looking at numbers in a spreadsheet. This can help to improve your overall performance and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

One of the most popular uses for sales mapping software is route optimization. These tools can identify the best routes for your reps by analyzing customer locations and sales territories. This can help to minimize travel expenses by cutting fuel and other vehicle costs and reducing driving time. Additionally, many of these tools also offer check-in capabilities to help sales managers track the location and progress of their team members in the field.

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