How Long Do Cigars Last Without A Humidor?

Those new to cigar smoking probably wonder how long cigars can last without a humidor.

Humidors are especially helpful if you smoke cheap cigars, as they tend to lose freshness sooner. A standard Ziploc bag stored at room temperature should work in place of a humidor, though it won’t keep your cigars fresh as long.

That said, it doesn’t mean storing cigars in a Ziploc will result in them crumbling to bits after three or four days. You can still smoke them; they won’t provide the best smoking experience. And there’s nothing like taking a puff from a fresh cigar.

However, it is worth noting that within those first four days of storage, your Ziploc should function as well as a humidor. So if you consume the cigars within that period, they should not become stale.

Read on to learn more about cigar storage without a humidor.

Storing Cigars Without a Humidor

Here’s what you can use for storing your cigars in the absence of an actual humidor:

Ziploc and Sponge

The most popular method for storing cigars on a budget is to use a Ziploc and sponge. They should be able to keep your cigars as fresh as a humidor does during the first few days of storage. Beyond that, the humidor should prevail. Still, nothing stops you from enjoying cigar smoking as much as the wealthy with this handy skill.

Ziploc bags and tiny sponges can go a long way to keeping your cigars fresh without a humidor. Gallon-size bags are ideal since the small ones might not have enough space for your stash. Also, note that it has to be a fresh one when using a sponge.

After placing the cigars inside the bag, follow it with a damp sponge. Ensure the sponge is neither soaking wet nor too big for the bag. Then, zip up the bag tightly. This cigar storage combo should maintain the freshness of your sticks for up to three weeks, as opposed to just a couple of days without the sponge.

Cigar humidor

The Tupperware Humidor

In place of an actual humidor, you can use a Tupperware container to delay cigar staleness. Pair it with a humidification disc or pouch that can be bought online or from the local cigarette dealer.

If you don’t have Tupperware, feel free to use any plastic container as long as it’s clean, airtight, and odor-free. A damp sponge could be as beneficial to this process as the Ziploc bag method.

A container big enough to store a whole box of cigars and one humidification disc should meet your budget-friendly needs for cigar storage easily. This should keep your stash fresh for three months without question.

A clean and odor-free container is a must. The presence of dirt and odor in your Tupperware can affect how long your sticks stay fresh. Also, make it a point to rotate your cigars weekly to stay evenly fresh.

Small Cooler

An ice chest or a cooler should prove an excellent substitute for a humidor. As long as the container is airtight, this should be an easy and effective method for keeping your cigar sticks fresh.

Those who use a cooler for cigar storage often refer to their container as a “coolidor.” The cooler size determines how many sticks or boxes you can store. However, consider getting a hygrometer and a humidifier if you’re storing more than one box of cigars in this manner. One humidification unit and a decent-sized ice chest should be suitable for storing up to two boxes. The hygrometer keeps the temperature and humidity balanced.

This three-in-one solution is more precise than using damp sponges and humidification discs, so expect your cigars to turn out even fresher when you use them.

A humidification pouch may prove helpful in keeping the humidity levels balanced inside the “coolidor” in the absence of a hygrometer. It’s more affordable and requires little to no maintenance. Just replace these pouches before they start getting stiff and dry, and you should be good.

Refrigerator Storage

Yes, the fridge may work for cigars too. That said, it’s far from being the best solution and usually ends up doing more harm than good. That’s because the fridge’s humidity levels are a lot lower than what’s required for maintaining cigar freshness. Another factor that’s a tad too low is the temperature.

Still, this may not be enough to keep some people from trying it out. It should work for a day or two, but longer than that, and you may as well throw your stash away.

Maintaining Cigar Freshness Without a Humidor: Conclusion

So, how long can cigars maintain their freshness in the absence of a humidor? In a nutshell: not nearly as long as they would with a humidor.

Fortunately, humidors aren’t the only options to get your cigars to last. Except for refrigerator storage, the methods above should lead to satisfactory results at the very least. Plus, they don’t require you to break the bank to preserve your cigars.

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