How Can A Man Dress For A Summer Date?

Feeling anxious about an upcoming date isn’t a feeling that is solely held by women. Some men may also find themselves second-guessing where they plan to go, or even what they considered wearing. Rather than making yourself feel worse about any insecurities, you could instead plan some go-to outfits for different seasons and occasions, well in advance. When it comes to dating in the summer, you might want to consider the following choices and accessories.

High-Quality Sunglasses

When walking or driving with your date for the day, you probably don’t want to be spending all of your time squinting at them through the sunlight. Likewise, harsh sunshine could end up ruining your date if you find you can’t see properly and enjoy the time you spend together. Opting for some sunglasses can be the answer. Some men may feel like they cannot wear sunglasses due to other eyesight needs, and may choose their glasses instead. However, it is possible to find a range of Ray Ban prescription eye glasses, meaning you can have your prescription met within sunglasses too. Choosing a known brand may also make you feel that bit more fashionable and confident. Once you get indoors, don’t forget to swap your sunglasses for your usual glasses, and vice versa when you leave again.

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Stylish Chino Shorts

A guy wearing chinos in summer

You may want to avoid wearing trousers or jeans in overly hot weather, to try and keep yourself as cool as possible. Yet, at the same time, you might also want to give your date the impression that you have taken the time with your appearance, ruling out the use of gym-style shorts. Chino shorts can be fantastic here. Not only do they look quite fashionable and smart, but they are also made using lightweight cotton, which can be perfect for helping you to feel a bit cooler. As an alternative, linen shorts may also be a possibility, however, they may not look as smart. When choosing a set, make sure that they fit correctly. Too loose and they might look sloppy, and too tight may cause bulges to appear, even on a slim-framed man.

Versatile Loafers

Again, you may want to steer away from sneakers, especially if you are going out for a nice meal. While sneakers can be great for activity-based dates, you also may want an option for finer settings that don’t involve sweaty leather. Material loafers, or other types of light, slip-on shoes, can be the perfect combination of heat reduction and style. Bear in mind that your feet may swell a little in warm weather, so pick a comfortable pair, and that doesn’t feel too tight on any other day.

Going on a date in summer can allow you to make the most of the weather, and even get to spend more time together. When the sun doesn’t set until later in the evening, this can be a great chance to get to know someone and look great while doing so.

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