Hotels Investing In Miami Condos: St. Regis & EDITION

Miami’s skyline enjoys an impressive collection of modern luxury real estate buildings, but what sets some of these properties apart is their affiliation with famous hotel chains. 

In recent years, renowned hotel brands have extended their expertise beyond hospitality and delved into the real estate market, investing in the development of private residences in The Magic City. 

This intriguing trend has captured the attention of sophisticated home buyers seeking the ultimate fusion of world-class amenities and ultra-luxurious living spaces.

Let’s have a look at two of the most promising Miami condos built by world-famous hotels. 

St. Regis Brickell Miami 

St. Regis Brickell Miami

The St. Regis brand, known for its elegance and sophistication, is expected to leave a permanent mark on Miami with the St. Regis Residences Brickell. 

This extraordinary project represents the highest level of luxurious living, appealing to homeowners who value the very best in refinement and elegance.

Located on the stunning South Brickell coastline, The St. Regis Residences Brickell offers the ultimate high-end living enriched with exquisite bayfront views.

As stated by the brand, this Miami pre construction residence will blend the past and the future seamlessly, creating a place where new generations will build their own legendary memories. Their unique homes are perfect for individuals who feel a deep connection to Miami’s rich heritage and want to leave their own mark on this historic city.

But the charm of St. Regis Brickell does not only lie in its luxuriously designed living spaces but also in the access to a range of St. Regis signature amenities.

Here the residents are treated to amazing amenities as the property has 60,000 square feet of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Providing numerous different opportunities for enjoyment, the exclusive beach club access and the in-house fine dining restaurant add to the experience. 

However, the true treasures lie in the sky bars and lounges of St. Regis. Their high ceilings and breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, help residents relax in style and revel in the stunning surroundings. 

From the welcoming terraces to the panoramic scenery, it’s a place where elegance and indulgence come together, making each moment truly special.

EDITION Residences Edgewater 

Taking place in Miami’s trendy Edgewater neighborhood is the Miami EDITION Residences, an exceptional project born from the collaboration of Marriott’s EDITION brand and visionary architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia.

With the esteemed Studio Munge working on the residences’ interiors, we can anticipate the ultimate sophistication and style.

The units will vary from one-bedroom-plus-den layouts to wide four-bedroom floor plans, and prices are starting at around $1.7 million.

Staying true to EDITION’s unique charm, the property will feature three deluxe tri-level penthouses, including rooftop pools and exquisitely designed gardens, promising a high-end living experience in the heart of Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood.

The amenities at EDITION are simply unbeatable, covering an impressive 45,000 square feet and catering to every need and desire of its residents.

Two resort-style pools with private cabanas, provide the perfect setting to unwind, while fitness enthusiasts among the residents will be thrilled with the top-of-the-line fitness center, offering spaces for private training, yoga, and spinning. 

When it’s time to entertain, EDITION Edgewater has residents covered with six reservable guest suites, a club lounge, a library, a private screening room, and a delightful play area for children. Whether residents want to relax, stay active, or host guests, EDITION’s amenities ensure an extraordinary living experience.

The prime location of Miami EDITION Residences further elevates its allure, offering proximity to Miami’s cultural and entertainment hotspots as well as the ultimate luxury shopping destination, making it the perfect urban oasis for those seeking a cosmopolitan lifestyle without compromise.

Benefits of Living in a Residence Built by a Hotel

Living in a residence built by a renowned hotel chain offers an unparalleled experience that transcends ordinary luxury living. 

The collaboration of hospitality expertise with real estate development ensures that these properties exemplify the ultimate luxury and comfort. Homeowners benefit from exceptional amenities, personalized services, and the prestige associated with a globally acclaimed brand.

This kind of residence provides an effortless lifestyle where every need is meticulously catered to, allowing residents to indulge in the finer aspects of life.

The appeal of hotel chains investing in private residences lies in the promise of a lifestyle made easier by world-class amenities, unmatched elegance, and a seamless blend of hospitality and residential living. So for anyone considering investing in Miami real estate, residences built by hotels are certainly a wise choice. 

Wrapping Up

In Miami, the convergence of luxury real estate and renowned hotel chains has given rise to a new era of luxury living. 

St. Regis Residences Brickell and EDITION Residences Edgewater stand as remarkable examples of this trend, offering discerning buyers the opportunity to live in architectural masterpieces while enjoying the elevated lifestyle curated by these esteemed hotel brands.

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