Horlicks Protein + Review For Bodybuilding

Every now and then comes a new product with bold claims.

One such product launched recently is Horlicks Protein+.

It is a protein drink (not a high-protein drink) for the masses.

But are these products of any use.

Available at just 495₹ for 400 g it is one of the most affordable protein drinks to look at in India.

Protein x is another popular protein powder available in the country.

But the question arises, how effective are these products? A typical 2 kg whey protein concentrate costs around 4500 ₹ and these products are available for around 450 ₹.

If we do the math here the cost of 400 g Horlicks Protein+ is around 495 ₹.

If we calculate the price for 2 kg it comes around 1980 ₹. Still cheaper than whey protein concentrate from big brands.

But can you replace your typical whey protein powder with these types of powders?

One simple answer is NO.

Let’s have a look at the nutrition label of Horlicks Protein+

Horlicks Protein+

Horlicks Protein+ has a serving size of around  30 g.

So the protein per serving comes around 10 or 11 grams.

Is it enough if you are looking for some serious muscle gains, No. There is around 30 g of sugar in this product which is too much.

Here’s the nutrition label of ON whey protein powder

Horlicks Protein+
Nutritional Value

You can clearly see the difference, 30 g serving contains 24 g of protein. Only 1 g of sugar vs 30 g in Horlicks protein+.

That’s a lot of difference.

Now the real question can I take Horlicks Protein+ for muscle building.

Yes, you can. Protein builds muscle and it has protein in it, just not enough of it.

Is it cheap compared to whey protein?

If you see according to price then definitely yes. If you see according to protein availability then no.

100 g of Horlick Protein+ has 30 g of protein. 100 g of On whey gold standard has approx 77 g of protein.

When you add the protein content of Horlicks protein+ according to the protein content of On whey the price will be the same as on whey protein.

So 10 g of protein isn’t going to get you anywhere near your muscle-building goal.

Don’t buy it if you are going for serious muscle building.

Buy whey protein instead because most of them have BCAA included.

But Horlicks protein+ is price effective?

The price of  400 g Horlicks protein+ on Amazon is currently 490₹. So 1 kg will cost you around 1300₹.

On whey 100% whey protein powder which has 22 g protein in a serving size of 31 g costs between 1250₹ to 1500 ₹ on Amazon.


If you want some protein drink for general health you can definitely get away with Horlicks protein+.

If you are someone serious about building muscle save your money and go for a good quality whey.

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