How To Have A Mind-Blowing Sex Which You’ll Never Forget

A good sex life takes dedication – especially when you are in a long-term relationship. But when you do put in energy you can get out the most amazing sex you can ever imagine.

Improving your sex life has countless amazing benefits for your relationship with your partner, yourself, and life. Sex teaches us about the very essence of life.

In ancient sexology, they used to say that sexual energy is spiritual energy. So in a way, sex brings us closer to who we truly are. So let’s now dive into the 10 secrets to having amazing and better sex.

1. A good sex life takes dedication

One of the most important to realize is that Sex doesn’t start with sex. It doesn’t start when you touch each other. Sex start on the energetical level.

It starts in the invisible. Sex with your partner starts when you see that they take care of themselves, do sports, and eat healthily. It’s a form of mental foreplay. When you consciously solve the tension between both of you, clear emotional clutter, inspire each other, and are mindful of each other.

Try to increase the consciousness and mindfulness in your relationship with your partner and yourself. Acknowledge the achievements of your partner. Be proud of your lover. Dive into personal development and take physical & mental care of yourself. If both of you are dedicated to your sex life and relationship will get to the next level.

2. The power of edging

This is a powerful practice for both men and women to intensify orgasm.

The slower you take things, and the more times you get close to the edge without going over, the more powerful your orgasm will be. This is called edging, peaking, or surfing.

It builds stamina and even increases the size of the penis. The idea is simple: bring the sexual stimulation to the point of no return, then pause to allow the urge to climax to subside.

And then start all over again. Once you allow yourself to climax, the orgasm will be incredibly intense. You should also check this guide on how to achieve the cum holy grail that can help improve orgasm.

This is not only good for the man but also for the woman since a woman on average and depending on her hormones needs 30 minutes to be fully aroused and in full vaginal relaxation.

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3. Slow sex

There is this great rule of thumb that says: Take the amount of time you think she needs and doubles it. So if you really want to make her happy try slow sex.

The best time anyway for a penis to enter a pussy is when her sexual juices are dripping and she is desperately waiting for you to enter her.

The greatest thing about slow sex is that the longer the lovemaking takes the stronger the orgasm will be. For her and for him.

4. The art of penis thrusting

The man who knows how to use his penis in creative ways can win the heart of a woman in no time. So another great way to make lovemaking more exciting is to use penis thrusting as an art.

There are so many ways to thrust a woman. Hard, fast, soft, slow, deep, or shallow. Try teasing her.

After deep thrusting take your penis out and rub just the head of it sensually up and down and between her labia.

In ancient sexology, it is recommended to not put too much emphasis on deep thrusting but to rather alter between 7 or more shallow thrusts to one deep thrust.

Yoni’s have lots of nerve endings clustered in the lower portion of the vaginal canal. It is, therefore, super stimulating to the woman if you only thrust her with the head of your penis.

By the way, this is also a great method for a man to last longer and achieve more intense orgasms.

4. Consciousness

This one is especially important for the men: Know the strength you obtain in your magic wand when you enter a woman and I am talking about the energetical strength.

You enter her so fill your penis with positive energy. Your penis is not just an empty vessel. Send this energy straight into her pussy when you enter her. Energy flows where attention goes.

And for the ladies: Become aware of the particular energy the penis of your partner has. Receive it. Suck it in. Nourish yourself with this energy and spread it throughout your entire body. Nothing is sexier than moaning. The real meaning, not a fake one.

5. Sexual sound is sexual energy

Ancient Taoist sexology says your throat is connected to your vagina. If your throat is open to sound, then your vagina and penis are much more open to pleasure. It’s also a fact that the more sounds you make the longer you will be able to ride the orgasmic wave since the sound further stimulates your organs and intimate area.

So here’s a tip: If you have a hard time letting sounds come out of your mouth try this exercise. You can also try chakra
breathing. Google it if you don’t know what it is. It’s pretty amazing.

6. Like yourself naked

The more you love your body, the more you can enjoy sex. The more confident you are the hotter you will appear to your lover. If you think “Your penis is too small”, “Your breasts are too flat”, Your tummy is ugly, you won’t have great sex. Most people with a negative body image tend to disconnect from their bodies.

7. Exercise

Working out is a great way to boost your sex life.

It stimulates not only the body but the nervous system and the brain. Exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, improves circulation, and gets the blood flowing to all the right places. It also gets you in the mood by reducing stress and boosting your self-esteem.

It strengthens your pelvic muscles which helps you to have stronger and longer-lasting orgasms.

And don’t forget about the importance of sleep, fresh food, enough water & time for stillness. all of these things help blood flow to the genitals, which is paramount for arousal.

It’s hard to keep a balance… Especially when life takes over with duties and liabilities but try your best. The more you work to become the best version of yourself the better your life and sex will get.

There are so many other great ways to enhance the sexual experience. Like telling your lover what you really, sharing your fantasies with him, having sex in different locations, or maybe exploring sensual massage

Follow your sexual intuition. Don’t repress it. Let it thrive. And remember this saying: Just like a fine bottle of wine, good sex takes time.

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