A Comprehensive Guide On Hair Spa: Spa For Hair

Topics that you’ll learn in this post:

  • What exactly is a hair spa?
  • What Are The Steps Involved?
  • How often it can be done?
  • Top Benefits 
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Some things to avoid 
  • How long does the effect last?
  • When you can wash your hair after the fair spa? 
  • Does age matter?
  • Different kinds of treatments
  • How it can be done at home?
  • How it affects colored hair vs normal hair?
  • Keratin vs Hair Spa  
  • What effects does the keratin treatment have?
  • Which will be better hair spa or keratin?
  • For colored hair, keratin is best or hair spa?

Hair spa is the solution to many hair problems like dandruff, thin hair, slow hair growth, oily scalp, and many more things. I must say that it is the only solution to all your hair problems whether your hair is normal or colored. Well !! Who does not love nice hair? With the advancement in technology, people have hectic schedules so they do not have time to follow the old rituals like a head massage with oil. However, it replaces the old rituals with the same benefits.

Different weathers lead to different problems, like in summers scorching heats often tend to cause irritation and hair damage, while in winters dandruff and oily scalps are the main issues. So, I am going to discuss all the things along with an urban guide that you need to know about the hair spa treatments, services, and care about your hair.

What exactly is a hair spa?

It is a procedure that includes some steps like hair cutting and those steps make your hair more stronger and beautiful in every aspect. It is the process that removes all the dirt and impurities from your scalp and makes it feels so light, smooth, and clearer.

Moreover, this procedure makes your hair bouncy, shiny and controls the damaging of hair. As it includes some steps, every step helps to cure your hair in a unique manner. For-instance, deep cleansing of your shampoo controls dandruff as well as steaming helps to remove all the impurities.

man having hair spa in salon

What Are The Steps and formula Involved

There are some steps. These steps are most important to make your hair more healthier and beautiful. It includes shampooing, hair mask, massaging, and steaming but it varies from salon to salon.

Let’s discuss these steps:

Step 1: Shampooing

Shampooing is the very first and basic step. The advantage of this step is that it removes all the dirt and dead skin cells. Shampooing with deep cleaner shampoo helps a lot to clean your hair.

Step 2: Mask

Hair masking is another step in which some hairdresser in a salon uses some kind of deep conditioning. If your hair faces some problems like hair damage and thin hair then hairdressers use some kind of hair repairing masks and let it sit for a few minutes. It will give many benefits like shiny hair and will nourish your follicles.

Step 3: Massage

The next step is hair massage services which is gently done for 10-15 minutes. It helps the mask to reach every nook and corner. Hair Massage can be done once a week because it improves blood circulation and it improves hair growth.

Step 4: Steaming

Whatever product you using, steaming helps those products to absorb better and allow the pores to open up. It can be done for 10-15 minutes. It allows the nutrients in the product to look in and out on the scalp.

Step 5: Wash

Lastly, wash your hair gently and let it air dry naturally if you want better results.

Tip: If you want your spa results to maintain then do not use a blow dryer or any hairstyling equipment as it leads to dryness of hair and your spa session becomes useless. Your salon professionals have this knowledge.

men in salon

How often a balance hair spa can be done?

I know many of you have questions about this that how often it can be done?

So, here is the answer, after you book an appointment you can go twice a month to a salon. Additionally, if your hair has minimal problems you can go once a month.

Top benefits of hair spa

There are a plethora of hair spa benefits which I am going to discuss in upcoming fragments.

It improves blood circulation:

It helps to improve blood circulation and circulation in the scalp as in one of the hair processes step hair massaging is done. It also helps to promote hair growth If you want to grow your hair faster then hair massage is the only key. It also helps in voluminous hair as well.

Removes dead skin reduces hair fall and impurities:

It removes the dead skin and impurities which helps to grow your hair fast. Cleansing your scalp with scalp treatments is the basic and important step to remove the dead skin and impurities,

Dandruff reduces:

It manages the ph level of your scalp which means if your ph level is good then there is less chance of hair dandruff. It also maintains a healthy scalp that is dandruff-free.

Reduces stress and oil production in the scalp:

It reduces stress as it follows the step of oil massaging which is good to maintain healthy hair. Moreover, the steaming process helps to control the oil production and you feel relaxed. Another benefit of reducing stress is that you become more focused.

Strengthens your roots and controls damage:

With the help of spa, your hair looks so shiny and smooth as oiling and head massage also strengthen your hair and reduce split ends. It is important to strengthen your roots to control the damaged hair. If your roots are weak then it may lead to many problems.

It maintains the shine and smoothness:

It also maintains the shininess and smoothness of hair. As it includes the steps like deep conditioning which helps to remove the impurities and let your hair grow more-stronger.

It saves chemical damage:

If you have done ironing, styling, or color then I must suggest that it is mandatory as it saves you from chemical damage.


Disadvantages of hair spa

Huge investment:

It is quite expensive to get spa hair services from a salon. We might use our pocket money or salary to get it done.

It has to be done on regular basis:

If once you started hair care rituals then you have to put continuous efforts to maintain healthy hair.

Time investment:

Usually, after you book an  appointment, a team does it with care at a salon with various items and it is a procedure of 45 minutes which has further steps. So, spa takes a lot more time and care.

It can fade color:

Spa can cause fading of your hair color only if you do not care for your hair.

Some things to avoid 

Once spa is done, you do not have to use any kind of equipment which heats up your hair. Mainly, you have to cover your hair with a hat or with a scarf that protects you from direct UV rays. Importantly, use those products which are specially designed for your hair concerns.

How long does the effect last?

If you follow the don’ts that I have mentioned earlier then you need to take the service after 15-30 days.

When you can wash?

My advice on this question is that you can take advice from your salon hair professional. Ideally, you can wash after 3-5 days at home. This also depends on the length of your hair.

Does age matter?

I do not think that age matter because it is a part of grooming and self-care. So, there is no age limit. 

Different kinds of treatments for normal and curly hair

Every person has a unique hair problem and for those problems, different color procedures are available in the market. I am going to tell you some hair treatments which are as follows;

  • For oily skin.
  • For dandruff.
  • For colored hair.
  • For smoothening.
  • For itchy scalp.
  • For dry scalp and hair.

Different hair needs different treatment so, choose it wisely.

How often it can be done at home?

If you have plenty of time you can do spa at home. You must follow some steps which are discussed below.

Step1: Apply oil

You need to take some hair oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil in a small bowl. Use some cotton balls and dip them into that bowl. Divide your hair into different sections and apply that dipped cotton balls into your scalp.  Moreover, give a gentle massage for 10-15 minutes.

Step2: Apply a mask

Secondly, according to your hair type. Apply your hair mask that covers each section of your hair and every strand.

Step3: Take a hot towel

The third step is to take a hot towel which is used to cover your head properly. The benefit of this is that it absorbs all the oil and mask completely. It also allows to open up pores easily.

Tip: If you want good results then cover your hair for 15 minutes. It will let absorb everything into your scalp.

Step4: Washing

With deep cleansing shampoo wash your hair properly, and after that deep conditioning is a must to get shine and smooth hair.

Remove extra water with a towel. As I mentioned earlier do not use a blow dryer or any other equipment.

How it affects colored vs normal hair?

It affects a lot eventually on colored hair because of the chemical usage. Most chemicals dry your hair and it becomes dry and damaged hair. With the dryness, the damaging level of hair will keep on rising. To keep your hair safe, you need to get the treatments done. Meanwhile, normal hair needs to get done after 15-20 days to get healthier hair.

Many people ask me about the difference between keratin and hair spa. I believe that both have some pros and cons but choose your hair treatment according to your problem. It may lead to impressive results.

hair after keratin

Keratin vs Hair Spa  

First, let me clear you about the keratin. Keratin is the protein from which our hair is made up of. It protects our hair and scalp from external factors like pollution from everyday hustling and bustling schedule. The life of keratin lasts 3-5 months.

It totally depends upon how often you shampoo it. Keratin treatment is unlike the re-bonding process. This is suitable for frizzy and curly hair. After keratin, your hair looks naturally straight.  Keratin protects your hair from sun rays and other environmental damages.

It costs more, however, it lasts more. Keratin includes the extra protein that is added to your hair to make your hair more-healthier, straight and smoother. I already discussed the hair spa and the pros and cons of it. Importantly, after keratin, you have to use Sulphate free shampoo for better long-lasting results.

TIP: If you have straight hair then you can skip these services.

Hair spa is totally different from keratin because it has some steps like masking, oiling, and steaming. Hair spa ensures that your pores are deep cleansed and conditioned. The only difference between keratin and hair spa is that it rejuvenates the shine and moisture meanwhile keratin is the process of adding protein. It is a temporary treatment as compared to keratin.

Some FAQ’s about keratin

What effects does the keratin treatment have?

Firstly, it has a lot of benefits like filling the gap of strands, Make the hair look healthier, provide a shiner and smooth appearance.

Which will be better?

As I discussed earlier for styling your hair both have their pros and cons. It only depends on how much you want to invest in your hair.

For hair colour, which is the better option?

If you have coloured hair then you can definitely go for keratin.

To recapitulate, my advice to you is that you can seek advice from a hair professional about what treatment to get done to make your hair more-healthier.

Furthermore, you also need to pay attention to your diet to maintain healthy hair. A balanced diet is a gift and it ensures your hair receives maximum nutrition from the body and stays adorable for a very long time. The help of a good diet and hair care routines lead to beautiful hair. Some product companies offer free shipping so that you can receive hair care products and tools for hair spa at home.

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